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What you want to say – 20th May 2020 May 20, 2020

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Gearóid Clár - May 20, 2020

This may end up needing a separate thread (!)
IT is reporting that Catherine Martin may challenge Eamon Ryan for leadership of the Greens.


WorldbyStorm - May 20, 2020

What do you make of it? That’s not a bad idea having a separate thread.


2. sonofstan - May 20, 2020
3. NFB - May 20, 2020

Was just in the local shop to pick up a few things. I was down an aisle before I realised that the place was mobbed with people, way more than the handful usually allowed at any given time. Turned out that a manager had been watching the door, but had been obliged to leave it unattended when a delivery came in. As he spent a few minutes dealing with that, loads of people came in without a second thought, myself included. He didn’t ask anyone to leave, but he was quite annoyed about it, and rightfully so I suppose.

Makes me wonder about our mindset to this whole crisis, where if there is no outward sign of it existing – in the form of impediments to entering a business in this case – it’s like it doesn’t exist at all.


Tomboktu - May 20, 2020

One shop in my locality has a cord across the entrance. Its’s the elastic type with hooks on the end that I associate with holding things on the wee rack over the rear wheel on a bicycle. It is respected, and the worst infringements I’ve seen are people lifting it to lean in and ask if they can come in.

That manager could probably use a pop-up sign that says “Shop Full – Please wait until a staff members lets you in”. Some gougers might ignore it, but the shop should make it clear what the situation is, not leave it to arriving customers to figure out what is going on.

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4. ar scáth a chéile - May 20, 2020

Getting stuck into Dorothy Macardle’s The Irish Republic. Sniffy post-nationalist sophisticates had led me to believe it was ladybird stuff but, 100 pages in ( at JR’s fateful speech at Woodenbridge) it is a really well-written narrative history of the Irish revolution and though openly sympathetic to the republican cause shows great insight into the characters and predicaments of the actors on all sides.

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CL - May 20, 2020

“Although she is often seen as little more than de Valera’s spokesperson, Macardle’s own struggle for independence led to radical breaks with him over the unequal status of women in the 1937 Constitution, and Ireland’s neutrality during the second World War.”

“In a recent random bookshop encounter, I chanced upon Dorothy Macardle’s Tragedies of Kerry, 1922-1923 (Irish Freedom Press) first published in 1924. It concerns the events of that year specifically as they took place in Kerry. Macardle, a prolific historian and novelist, was better known for her 1937 epic The Irish Republic……
It is curious to note the contrast in tone between the two works. The Irish Republic is much more formal, while Tragedies of Kerry, displays the fresh wounds and replays the merciless nature of the Civil War. It also has a passionate immediacy in its recreation, replete with an evocative, theatrical flourish that could engage across the generations. Macardle declares in her introduction “It is Kerry, among the proud and undefeated people that they will hear all the history told.”


sonofstan - May 20, 2020

Her novel, the Uninvited isn’t bad either – think we were talking about it recently here?


CL - May 20, 2020

Yes. Not bad, although reading it I was unable to suspend my disbelief
Dev’s comment on seeing the movie was, “Typical Dorothy”


5. Paddy Healy - May 20, 2020

Discussion Paper
MASS UPHEAVAL During the War of Independence Terrified All Irish Conservative Forces–Pro-Treaty Leaders, Most Anti-Treaty Leaders, The Main Trade Union Leaders. Labour and Trade Union leaders Deserted the Connolly Position.
Support For The Treaty By Trade Union and Labour Leaders Signified a Definitive Going Over To the Side of Capitalism–This has continued ever since!!!
The period 1918- 1922 was a period in which unprecedented social upheaval took place together with the military campaign for Irish independence. All these processes were linked.



6. kestrel - May 21, 2020

a bit impertinent of Alan Kelly to say that the “two hour Rule” in the Dail is ‘obnoxious’? After all,- it is a Rule; and he, as Labour Party Leader knows that this Must be obeyed.
If he really must continue over the two hours; the only option is Diving Oxygen tanks, strapped on their backs.


7. Tomboktu - May 22, 2020

It’s easy to figure out which of the two second-level teachers’ unions is not happy with the planned legal protection for teachers who assign Leaving Certificate grades to their students when you realise which of them represents teachers in fee-paying schools.


8. Paddy Healy - May 23, 2020

Government Admits Failure to Impose Mandatory Quarantine on Visitors is a BUSINESS DECISION!!!
Irish Times to-day: “From next Thursday, anyone who does not provide those details, or gives incorrect information, could face a fine of up to €2,500 or a six-month prison sentence.
Cabinet sources said Ministers discussed more stringent proposals, including making it illegal not to abide by the 14-day isolation period. However, fears were expressed at the meeting about the impact such a move would have on the economy in the longer term.”


9. Bob - May 23, 2020

What you want to say? well I aint saying this its something thats shall we announcef/ “cropped up” alleges MI6 activity in Wicklow and Dublin – not for the faint hearted.



10. Larry - May 23, 2020

COMMENT – Are we ready for launch? – VALORANTI!
Heres the evidence of MI6 activity in the Republic,the Irish themselves for some reason since GSOC get kinda broody and distant whenever allegations are made like this although this time around the evidence is conclusive,Former Irish Independent Journalist Albert Smith admits for the first time in his own writing quote ” I worked for the Gardai” hold on did er hear right?? erm …in plain english that means your a bought journalist and on top of that NO Irish journalist in the History of the Republic of Ireland has EVER admitted freely to working for the Gardai THIS IS SCANDALOUS!!!!



11. Alibaba - May 23, 2020

‘Almost 80 per cent of more than 1,500 people who have died from Covid-19 in the Republic have been aged 75 and over. More than 860 fatalities, about 54 per cent, have been nursing home residents.’ 

And the blame for this was put by Hiqa in its latest inspections 2018 report showing a 18 per cent non-compliance rate with infection control in nursing homes. Shock, horror. Fine Gael TD Fergus O’Dowd expressed his concerns. But we are not told the background relevant details that contextualises this story. I’ve come across these observations in chats with healthcare workers:

– Infection non-compliance is a factor but not the root issue here.
– It was known from the outset that the elderly were the highest risk group, but calls from the care sector for guidance, PPEs etc were ignored in early stages.
– Nursing Homes Ireland restricted visitors quite early on but the CMO/HSE denounced that action and defied it by telling the nation, on the one hand that over 70s should cocoon at home, and on the other that older sick people in nursing homes should be visited by their families and there was no need for such restrictions. HSE changed tack a few weeks too late.
– The lack and extremely poor turnaround on testing was a major contributory factor to deaths. A wait time sometimes exceeding 10 days for results, and that was in addition to 5-10 days waiting to be tested in the first place.
– A lot of private and some public sector settings were poorly staffed with insufficient numbers of care staff and/or qualified nurses, resulting in overdependency on agency workers who were working across the sector wherever they could get work. This impact of this was possibly a higher likelihood of cross contamination.
– There is limited testing and contact tracing to this day. Health workers are sometimes told about positive test results for some residents or co-workers belatedly. Hence, unintentional transferring of infection.
– Hiqa was noticeable by their absence from the Long Term Care sector from the outset. Early correspondence stated all inspections were cancelled for the time being. They changed tack as scandals emerged and came over all concerned about the need for requirements/assessments etc.

It almost beggars belief. Hiqa findings must be published and analysed to ascertain the public/private divide, staff infection control training levels/certs/audit, PPE supply and plenty, plenty more.



And now:

‘Harris announces establishment of Covid-19 nursing home expert panel’


This panel is two fingers to GPs, nurses, care assistants and patient advocates who represent what’s actually happening on the frontline.

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WorldbyStorm - May 23, 2020

It’s beyond shocking. Your point re public/private divide is central to this as well.


12. Tomboktu - May 27, 2020

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