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Pandemic polling May 22, 2020

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More data from polling of public opinion on matters relating to the pandemic:

…phase three of the Corona Citizens’ Science Study, which is a population-wide survey conducted by research teams at NUI Galway, Dublin City University and the Insight SFI Centre for Data Analytics (NUI Galway).

The study is examining the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictive measures, such as lockdown and social distancing, on public life.

Already it has shown much higher levels of tolerance of the restrictions than some in the media have seemed to believe possible.

This is a bit odd in one way:


Over 60 per cent of respondents reported that they were feeling more anxious since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with the vast majority worried about catching the virus or a family member catching the virus (78 per cent).

One would have thought more/most people might feel at least some increased levels of anxiety – no? The following is understandable:


Another 37 per cent also indicated worry about other health problems; 33 per cent about the relaxation of restrictions; 26 per cent about their finances or their business and 24 per cent about working from home or their child’s schooling.

The survey also found women and younger people were feeling more anxious and ill at ease compared with older respondents.

Some useful data on schooling:


Most children (29 per cent) reported daily contact with their school teacher.

A fifth said they had contact two to three times a week, while less than half said it was once or less often each week.

For 3 per cent of children there was no contact with their primary school teacher.

Meanwhile there’s this:


Some 84 per cent of respondents said they would consider installing a contact tracing app.

Bluetooth technology will allow phones with the app installed to make an anonymous “handshake” which would be used to measure how close they are, and for how long.

This information would then aid contact tracers quickly determine which people someone with a confirmed case of Covid-19 has met.

The Health Service Executive is developing a contact tracing app to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

I’m interested in what people here feel about that.


1. Mick 2 - May 22, 2020

I’ve held out buying a smartphone all these years. (I’m in my 30s.) Maybe they’ll bring out a version for my Nokia brick.

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