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Mooniverse May 23, 2020

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Was intrigued by this, news that Duncan Jones, of Moon fame, has worked on and released a graphic novel.

[he] decided to tell the third story in his tangentially linked science fiction trilogy, following Moon (2009) and the 2018 Netflix series Mute, he ran into a problem: the tale he wanted to tell was so vast that it would need a crippling budget to get it filmed.

So Jones – the British-born, LA-based son of David Bowie and his first wife Angie – decided to tell the final part of his so-called Mooniverse trilogy, Madi, in a whole new medium: comics.

“When the reality of Madi’s scale hit the budgeting process, it was clear that getting a film like that made … was going to be an uphill battle,” says Jones. “But film is just one way to tell a story. Comics are another.”

I like the following:

Jones – perhaps a little disingenuously but charmingly so – says he’s not a big comics fan, while in the next breath describing a childhood spent reading The Trigan Empire, Marvel and DC comics, and his dad giving him graphic novels such as Black Hole by Charles Burns, Maus and When the Wind Blows (for whose animated version Bowie provided the title track). How is he not a comics fan? “I say that to be respectful of those people out there who truly are,” he says.

Ah, the Trigan Empire. Now that would make a movie.

But this Mooniverse is news to me. I didn’t see Mute, anyone else catch it? Any good?

I do like though the idea of different media used to develop linked ‘universes’. Of course it’s always been here. And not difficult to think of those who have used it to build those universes – Whedon, Straczynski, et al.


1. NFB - May 24, 2020

Loved Moon, but hated Mute. Thought it was a passion project where the creator couldn’t reel himself in. Had a bizarre shifting tone, confusing plot and some really miscast actors, most especially Paul Rudd as a (sort-of) antagonist who is obsessed with protecting his young daughter but also happily best friends with a known pedophile? Strange movie.


WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2020

Yeah, it always looked a bit odd. Strange. He’s got some great ideas, gets the aesthetic (think it’s telling he mentions the Trigan Empire, and clearly Space 1999 and 2001 were massive influences) but stories… maybe not so great on stories.


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