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Spin off… May 24, 2020

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Quite cheered by this news, that Star Trek: Discovery has launched yet another spin-off to join the Section 31 one in the works. This time:

Star Trek fans who finished season 2 of Discovery and are clamoring to see more of Capt. Christopher Pike helming the original starship Enterprise are getting their way, as CBS has announced a new series putting Pike, Spock, and Number One back on screen.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will come to CBS’ All Access streaming service, the network said today. Ethan Peck will reprise his role as Spock, the Vulcan science officer originally portrayed by Leonard Nimoy from the 1960s. Anson Mount, who played Pike in Discovery, and Rebecca Romijn, who played first officer Number One, will also reprise their roles.

Many Star Trek fans began clamoring for a new spinoff set on the original NCC-1701 since Mount, Peck, and Romijn appeared in Discovery as well as several “short Trek” episodes.


Discovery wasn’t terrible. It had some highlights but there was an oddity to its execution,  and I’d a real problem with the supposed science in it. I did think on certain levels it perked up a lot when Pike et al came into view in Season Two. And I’m intrigued by where it goes in Season Three. But a Pike/Spock/Number One centred TOS prequel series seems promising.

Picard which wrapped up recently was flawed but had some good ideas and again promises an interesting second season. But there’s an unevenness to all these projects that is, odd. Is it a function of short seasons, as against 1970s-early 2000s ST? Or is it something else again? Sometimes for all the much vaunted familiarity and affection show runners and writers are meant to bring to this new iteration it is curious how adrift of basic concepts they can seem.

Or perhaps it is unreasonable to expect too much of the first season of any television series. And yet, I think of Person of Interest, The Expanse, Fringe, Lost, Counterpart (perhaps a bit on the nose given current circumstances) and many others which have managed to successfully deliver solid watchable science fiction. Indeed the Mandalorian has in a short eight episodes almost convinced me that the Star Wars universe is one worth exploring in greater detail.


1. EWI - May 24, 2020

The last four finale episodes (in effect, a stand-alone TV movie) of the Clone Wars series are worth watching of an evening as well.

n.b. Peck is of course Irish American (and a relative of Thomas Ashe). Interesting to see the Spock character has now had at least three different portrayals.

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