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Moves against Government May 24, 2020

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Uncategorized.

One of the products of the length of time it is taking to form a Government is that opposition within Fianna Fáil to going into Government with Fine Gael has had time to organise. Over various Social Media platforms in the past week or so the likes of this has appeared.
There’s a broad theme in these of wanting to deal with Sinn Féin. So far it’s been interesting in that there seems to be clusters of Councillors against a deal with FG around some defeated TDs. There are others of course. The hashtag to lookup on the various platforms is #NoGrandCoalition .
These have been coming out on a daily basis and I’d imagine in time there are plans for TD’s rather than Councillors to feature.
Yesterday there was one from Donegal where a Councillor spoke for 12 Donegal Councillors. Given the nature of politics some TD’s must be under pressure from their local organisations to oppose a deal with FG.
Now this weekend Mary Lou McDonald gave a series of interviews including strangely enough one to The Sunday Independent. Now as we know that particular publication wouldn’t be exactly pro Sinn Féin. Needless to say the interview generated the expected headlines with “justified” “IRA” and so on included.
I wondered why in the world would she give an interview to The Sunday Independent!!! ….. A Machievellian move to head off the pro Sinn Féin moves by elements in Fianna Fáil that oppose coalition with Fine Gael perhaps?


1. WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2020

Just read the MLM interview, thought it was pretty measured though the Sunday Indo was doing its best to paint her badly.

That’s really interesting re the Cllrs. What’s your feeling, can they stymie any deal?


irishelectionliterature - May 24, 2020

Don’t think they have the numbers but hard to tell. It’s a membership vote , there are probably more members in an FF Cumman in Cashel than there are in my constituency of Dublin South West. So really hard to tell.

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WorldbyStorm - May 24, 2020

That makes a lot of sense, so it’s a case of watch this space.


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