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This new pacific Trump foreign policy world! Number 5 in a continuing series. May 26, 2020

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A continuing series. Probably deserves more than 5 posts – but trying to keep focus on the things one can deal with. That said this does merit consideration:

Members of the Trump administration have reportedly discussed the possibility of the United States carrying out its first nuclear test in almost three decades, a move that would have huge geopolitical implications, reports the Washington Post. The issue reportedly came up at a May 15 meeting with senior officials representing top national security agencies in which the claims that Russia and China are carrying out low-yield nuclear tests was discussed. Both countries have denied the allegations and there is no publicly available evidence to support the claims but at least some officials appear to believe a test could provide some leverage in negotiations.

One senior administration official tells the Post that a “rapid test” could be useful as part of a broader negotiation with China and Russia over a deal to regulate the nuclear arsenals of the biggest nuclear powers. Although officials did not agree to carry out the test, the proposal is “very much an ongoing conversation,” the official said. Another official played down the possibility, saying officials ultimately decided on other actions that did not involve a nuclear test.

I think all those explanations are implausible. I suspect this is along the lines of ‘Space Force’ etc, an attention grabbing effort for a President well into an election year with not great polling figures.


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