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Trotskyists Géry Lawless wedding photgraph. May 26, 2020

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Via The Irish Republican Marxist History Project
Gerry Lawless getting married to Ann Murphy.

This recently discovered photograph of Irish Workers’ Group members attending the wedding of Trotskyists Géry Lawless and Ann Murphy about 1968 in London. R to L: Kevin Lawless, Géry, Ann Murphy and top right Máirín Keegan, next to Máirín with glasses Joe Quinn. The 2nd row to the left is Phil Flynn.

Lawless was a leading activist in the Irish Workers Group and the International Marxist Group who always spelled his first name this way, never as “Gerry”. It was an abbreviation of the Irish “Gearóid”, not of the English “Gerard”.

If anyone can name any more of the people in the photograph please do.


1. Arthur Owen - May 26, 2020

Looks like any other group of working or lower middle class people attending a wedding anywhere in Britain or Ireland in the 1960’s.Although with no other information I would have guessed that most of the guests look Irish.


2. WorldbyStorm - May 26, 2020

Is that Jack ‘Adh’ Mor in the background on the left?

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Joe - May 26, 2020

🙂 Tis the bould Jack, alright, to be sure. Always a great man for an Irish leftist or republican wedding.

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WorldbyStorm - May 26, 2020

Or any wedding!


Mick. - May 27, 2020

Worldbystorm,you say Jack ‘Adh’ Mor Kelly in the background on the left. Is that him a with beard holding a baby?


Joe - May 27, 2020

Listen, lads. I think it’s best we draw a veil over Ádh Mór’s presence or not at this auspicious occasion. You know how he doesn’t like such public exposure. On second look I don’t think that’s him at all anyway.


3. Joe - May 26, 2020

Also. Phil Flynn ffs. He should write a memoir.

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4. Simon O'Donnell - May 26, 2020

I think Angela is correct about Phil Flynn 4th back row

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Joe - May 26, 2020

For sure. The sweet innocent little head on him. And look what a pup he turned into, to paraphrase my late mammy in law.


5. roddy - May 26, 2020

Phil is like Forrest Gump.He turns up everywhere!


6. Mick. - May 26, 2020

Someone has informed me that the wedding took place in 1966. Also Seamus O’Riain the photographer who took the photo was in prison from 1967.

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nollaigoj - May 27, 2020

This was Gery’s second of four marriages.
From memory, I agree that 1968 is too late and 1966/1965 is more likely.

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7. sonofstan - May 27, 2020

The obit for Lawless mentions that the IWG was the first Irish Trotskyist group ‘since the ’40s’ – what was that one?


nollaigoj - May 27, 2020


Irish Left Archive:



nollaigoj - May 27, 2020

Jim and Raynor could add to this.


sonofstan - May 27, 2020

Thanks 🙂


8. Kerry AnnE Lawless - May 27, 2020

Hi Gery and Anne’s daughter here. First time I have seen that photograph! I would love a scan of the original if I could? Yes the wedding was in 1966. For accuracy it’s Anne Murphy. Anne with an “e”. She was very particular about that! And it was actually Gery’s first wedding. The first of 3. He was in a very serious relationship before he met my mother, the result of which is my sister Siobhan. But he wasn’t actually married to Siobhan’s mum. Most of the people I can identify are family members. My aunt, great aunt, granddad and others.

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Hazel - May 27, 2020

Hi Kerry
It was my Da “seamus” who took the photo and I have the original. I’m more than happy to get you a proper copy sorted as soon as everything opens again (I’m up in Derry). 😊

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Mick. - May 27, 2020

Hazel who sen’t me the photo has the original photograph.The above photo was taken with an old phone, so the original one is much clearer. Her dad Seamus (Ryan) O’Riain the photographer on the day was a good friend of Gery’s. In addition when I received the photo we had no idea who’s wedding or any names.Turned out as a very interesting photograph.

Kerry we will get you a scan of the original.
Would you mind naming the other people in the image.

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9. Kerry Lawless - May 27, 2020

That would be great. Thanks Hazel, thanks Mick. It’s blown my mind a little 😉 Family folklore was that it was a much smaller wedding. The photos I have or have seen are Anne and Gery by themselves and small group ones with Gery’s mother and Anne’s father and another with Anne’s sister Hilary and Gery’s brother Kevin (Lawless). I’ll name everyone I can and I’m going to put it up on Facebook and tag a few cousins on both sides to make sure I haven’t missed anyone. I’ll also ask Phil Flynn to name whoever he can.

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10. Mick. - May 27, 2020

Kerry this is my contact mick.healy1@gmail.com

email your address to me and when I get a scan of the photograph, will post it to you. Brilliant that you made contact.

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11. Mick. - May 28, 2020

This update is from https://redmolerising.wordpress.com/

1. Lynne and Keith S have pinned the date of the wedding to last quarter of 1966.

2. Phil Flynn adds “Very interesting. I have no recollection of the actual wedding or of attending it but from my calculations it almost certainly took place earlier than 1968.
Ann Murphy was a personal friend of mine – in fact she was Bridesmaid at my first wedding and it was through me that she met Lawless.

Looking at the picture – the man at the back is Ann’s father, the woman in front of him her mother and the person to her right Ann’s sister. The first person on the left of the middle row is Jim Griffin from Dungannon and the woman behind him his wife Helen. The woman second left in front row is Olive Hardy from Dundalk. I don’t recognise the man with the baby on the extreme left but I am almost certain that the baby is Ann’s son Stephen.”

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12. Kerry Lawless - May 28, 2020

Hi all the wedding was on November 11th 1966 in the Church of our Lady and St Joseph in Islington. I had to get a copy of the marriage certificate for a passport application to replace a stolen passport about 15 years ago. Even though I have always had an Irish passport I have needed to prove my Irishness a few times over the years with the Passport Office 😉 I was very surprised to discover that they were married in a church!

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13. Kerry Lawless - May 28, 2020

As Phil says, he and Anne were life long friends, they had Dundalk in common as well as politics and when we all moved home to Ireland we lived a few miles from each other in North Dublin and the families spent time together and we would have known each other from political campaigns here. Myself and Phil are connected on Facebook as well so I tagged him in the photo yesterday.


14. Kerry Lawless - May 28, 2020

Mick thanks for the email. I’m on kerrylawless101@gmail.com. I’d love a copy. I sent it to my Aunt Hilary (Anne’s sister) and she helped identify a few more people.

As Phil says the man, third from the left, in the back row is my grandfather Alan Murphy. The woman in front of him with the fabulous hat is actually Anne’s Aunt Lily. Anne’s mother didn’t approve of the wedding so didn’t attend. At least that’s what I was told. But this photo is showing I was told a lot of things 😉

The second row is Jimmy Given, Lily Gray, Hilary Wall (Anne’s sister as Phil says), Imelda McDermott (Gery’s sister) and Teresa Lawless (Gery’s mother). The front row is unknown man, Olive Hardy (a friend of my mother’s from childhood) Molly Gray (Anne’s aunt), Helen Given, Anne Murphy, Gery Lawless and Kevin Lawless.

I wondered was the baby my older brother Stephen but in 1966 Stepen would have been about 3 so I think too old?

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15. gypsybhoy69 - June 6, 2020

Jaysus another first for Cedar Lounge. I’m hearing Cilla shouting Surprise Surprise here. Great thread.

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