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‘Changed economic circumstances’… May 28, 2020

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Well that didn’t take long… the news that:

There have been calls on the parties negotiating the programme for government to clarify if pre-election pledges not to increase the pension age to 67 from next year will be honoured.

Labour’s Ged Nash said the newly published revised estimate for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection raised serious questions about whether the pension age increase will still be stopped.

Two sources close to the talks process have indicated to RTÉ News that delaying the raising of the pension age from January next could be difficult to achieve given the changed economic circumstances.

As Mícheál Lehane notes on RTÉ this was a significant issue at the General Election earlier this year and both FF and the GP were adamant that changes should be postponed.

‘Changed economic circumstances’. We’re going to hear a lot more of that over the next while.


1. EWI - May 28, 2020

What about addressing the ‘changed economic circumstances’ of people who have contributed PRSI and the rest of it all their lives, and need to be able to retire in their old age? What about them?

The IT and others are now purring like cats that got the milk, which should alarm the rest of us.

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WorldbyStorm - May 28, 2020

Completely agree, it’s infuriating. Interesting too the emphasis on the economy ‘reopening’ but no sense that many many will have no disposable income (assuming their jobs survive) in the new dispensation


2. EWI - May 28, 2020

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has warned that countries that are bailed out under the EU Commission’s proposed €750 billion Covid-19 recovery programme will have to explain the fiscal reforms they plan to make to prevent becoming financially exposed again in a future crisis.


Title should be ‘Rutte advocates EUthanasia’

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WorldbyStorm - May 29, 2020

What a lovely character.


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