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Book launch seminer: Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and how to solve it May 30, 2020

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Invitation: ‘Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and how to solve it’ — book launch webinar

‘Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and how to solve it’ is a new book written by Dr Rory Hearne and published by Policy Press (on June 3rd). 

You are invited to attend a webinar and book launch hosted by the Reboot Republic Podcast on Wednesday June 10th at 7.30pm featuring:

Dr Rory Hearne, author of new book ‘Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and how to solve it’ & Assistant Professor in Social Policy, Dept Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University
Leilani Farha, former UN Special Rapporteur & Director of the Shift Global Right to Housing
Fr Peter McVerry, Homelessness campaigner
Prof Michelle Norris, School of Social Policy, UCD
Vincent Browne, Journalist

Chair: Dr Mary Murphy, Department of Sociology, Maynooth University

Register in advance for this webinar:

Hosted by Reboot Republic podcast- Tortoise shack media

The book is available to purchase (30% discount for attendees of webinar launch!) from the publisher, Policy Press:


Also available from Easons:


Contact Dr. Rory Hearne: Rory.hearne@mu.ie


Overview of ‘Housing Shock’
The unprecedented housing and homelessness crisis in Ireland is having profound impacts on Generation Rent, the wellbeing of children, worsening wider inequality and threatening the economy.

Hearne contextualises the Irish housing crisis within the broader global housing situation by examining the origins of the crisis in terms of austerity, marketisation and the new era of financialisation, where global investors are making housing unaffordable and turning it into an asset for the wealthy.

He brings to the fore the perspectives of those most affected, new housing activists and protesters whilst providing innovative global solutions for a new vision for affordable, sustainable homes for all.


Reviews of Housing Shock

 “Reflects Rory’s commitment and optimism that through radical transformation and reclaiming the role of the state we can resolve not only the housing crisis but other societal challenges. This book makes a key contribution to making that transformation happen.” Mary P. Murphy, Maynooth University

“Shows how housing in Ireland has made some very wealthy but left thousands homeless. An expert analysis of how government policy has helped make owning or renting a home unaffordable. A must-read.” Fr Peter McVerry, Peter McVerry Trust

“An accessibly written analysis of the causes and implications of Ireland’s housing problems, coupled with a comprehensive plan for addressing them. This is a real tour de force.” Michelle Norris, University College Dublin

“A damning indictment of those who treat housing as a commodity and a financial asset. With passion and authority, Hearne paints a vision of affordable, secure and sustainable homes – a right for everyone”. P.J. Drudy, Trinity College Dublin


Book Contents

Preface: COVID 19, housing and home

Foreword: Special Rapporteur for Housing ~ Leilani Farhi

Introduction: a new housing crisis;

Chapter 2: Generation Rent;

Chapter 3: Homelessness: the most extreme inequality;

Chapter 4: The normalisation of homelessness;

Chapter 5: Working for social justice: community, activism and academia;

Chapter 6: The neoliberal roots of the current crisis;

Chapter 7: The new waves of financialisation: vultures and REITs;

Chapter 8: Inequality and financialisation;

Chapter 9:  The lost decade of social and affordable housing: austerity and marketisation;

Chapter 10:  The people push back: protests for affordable homes for all;

Chapter 11: The right to an affordable, secure and decent home for all;

Chapter 12: A Green New Deal for Housing: affordable sustainable homes and communities for all.


1. roddy - May 30, 2020

Is Browne representing Regina Doherty?


2. e - May 31, 2020

Is this the same Mary Murphy (as DCC councillor) who was on the Board of Management of the Fingal ICTU Community Creche in Finglas village who then decided to close this much needed crehe in 2006 citing its management was taking up too much of her precious time? Many protests were called at the time so its interesting to see the Rory being mates with people like this


E - June 8, 2020

As reported in Socialist Worker page backs at the time (2006).. ironic seeing the Rory was the papers editor for a while


3. AdoPerry - May 31, 2020

€33.60. A steep price.

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