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Ireland’s Wars June 1, 2020

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Anyone who hasn’t read this from NFB really should. An index of posts they’ve put up on… well… Ireland’s Wars, from the mythic to the very very real. A very specific but informative take on Irish history which has currently reached the War of Independence.


1. Wiki Man Dave - June 1, 2020

Been following this for years. Class.


2. EWI - June 1, 2020

Never heard of this before. Thanks!


3. NFB - June 1, 2020

Firstly, thanks so much for the link, it’s always nice to see.

The few times that series has been posted around I always feel the need to explain that it’s primarily a self-interested hobby: I started it soon after college but when I was still considering going for a PhD, because I wanted to write about history without being constantly worried about the Moody rules and a proper bibliography. Hence why it isn’t properly referenced, but I’ll get round to attempting that at some stage.

I also need to rewrite some of the earlier ones, that are coming up on ten years old. I hope I’ve gotten better at writing since then, and they could use some tweaking.

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WorldbyStorm - June 1, 2020

I think if you haven’t already you should do that PhD. It’s a very robust body of research and analysis / you could take it in multiple directions. It’s really impressive and needs more publicity

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NFB - June 1, 2020

When I have 20k spare!

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