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Promises made, promises broken… June 2, 2020

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A very sound point by Gary Murphy, Professor of Politics at Dublin City University, in the Examiner a while back. He writes about government formation and the dangers/threat of a second election, one that as he notes would be run against the background of the pandemic. He notes that the current government is composed of people who lost seats or didn’t run, something he reasonably enough finds problematic – and he notes that ‘a view seems to have emerged amongst all parties, bar SF, that there is no real rush to starting any kind of talks never mind concluding them’ – something that was evident by some TDs statements over the weekend in regard to the latter part of that quote.

But he also notes that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael…

…now urge the smaller parties to enter government for the good of the country yet refused to countenance even any discussion with Sinn Féin even though they received the most votes in the election.

Sinn Féin didn’t win the election but it surely received a mandate to have the other parties at least talk to it.

Micheál Martin was as insistent before the election that he wouldn’t enter government with Fine Gael as he was about Sinn Féin.

I’ve had the discussion with numerous people offline in recent times (well, everything is online but you know what I mean) that the media and political trope that somehow the LP, SDs and GP are ‘letting everyone down’ by not immediately acquiescing to go into government with FF and FG is not some national betrayal since those latter two parties aren’t willing to at least negotiate with SF. They have every right not to negotiate, but it is a bit much to claim that others have to negotiate with them.

And what of that point re Martin and his insistence he wouldn’t enter government with FG? All changed utterly? And perhaps Martin’s luck is just now manifesting as he likely enters government as Taoiseach despite his party receiving the sort of level of support in polls that was previously reserved for the ILP back in the 1970s and after.


1. benmadigan - June 2, 2020

The upcoming Next Generation EU aid programme for recovery after the pandemic is a powerful stimulus for FF and FG to hold on to power, either by governing or by keeping on “caretaking” .

FG won’t share what’s coming with anybody but a close friend like FF and old acquaintances like the Greens and Labour


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