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Right to Change party established… June 4, 2020

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As Alibaba noted in comments today, Joan Collins TD has left Independents 4 Change and as this from the Times notes:

Dublin South Central TD Joan Collins has left the Independents 4 Change (I4C) political grouping and founded a new political party called Right to Change (RTOC). Collins has been I4C’s sole TD since Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, who were also in the Dail, were elected MEPs last year.

“I’ve been discussing this for some time with colleagues across the country, councillors, community groups and trade union activists,” said Collins, who was previously a member of the Socialist Party. “We were hoping to hold a conference in September in a venue that would hold 300 or 400 people but we’ll have to see what happens with Covid-19.”

Collins said RTOC already has about 150 members and has invited trade unions to affiliate to it.

Obviously not a fantastic time to start something new, can’t find much online about this change, but what happens to I4C now?


1. alanmyler - June 4, 2020

Is this a positive development, that a new party has been created, or a bad development that I4C has presumably run out of steam? Is it just a rebranding, is it a split? I don’t know the answer to any of those questions and honestly I’m not even all that interested in the answers. The Irish Left has too many parts already, it’s impossible to become excited or enthusiastic about yet another component. Of we have another general election anytime soon I’d imagine it’ll all because irrelevant anyway as SF will no doubt mop up all the Left of centre votes.


WorldbyStorm - June 4, 2020

That could well be the outcome. I do worry at the arrival of another grouping, even if the first one there has all but stopped functioning (and its MEPs appear to be on a different path). I know a lot of people involved in the RTOC approach and like them too. But I wonder if the public appetite is for yet another.


2. Colm B - June 4, 2020

Im not one for advocating simplistic left unity – clearly there are fundamental differences between, lets say, the SP and the WSM, differences that are quite fundamental so it is logical for them to remain separate organisations. But what is different between this new organisation and say PBP or RISE?

I4C was not a coherent organisation just a loose alliance of leftish independents.and their local organisations, What will make this new party distinct?

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3. E - June 5, 2020

Its never been explained to me fully why she left PBP in the first place.. so unlikely she will ever rejoin them again.. uncertain of the use of another party out there? Sorry but the decision of Clare to run for Europe.. was it an ego trip as we now lost one of the best TDs on the left.


4. Joe - June 5, 2020

Any other ‘names’ involved in RTOC? Yer man Ogle or anyone else one might have heard of?


5. Joh T - June 6, 2020

‘Right To Change Trotskyite Factions’ that will amount to nothing.


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2020

Not sure all those involved are Trotskyists, sure didn’t WP sign up to the R2C principals that would underpin RTOC?


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2020

And say what one likes of others but JC is a what – three time elected TD? That’s no mean feat. And is she still a Trotskyist as such rather than an independent Marxist?


alanmyler - June 6, 2020

I might be remembering this incorrectly, it was a bit messy at the time, but I think the WP signed up to the principles but not the electoral pact or whatever it was that followed fr that. Or something like that anyway.

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Alibaba - June 6, 2020

Whenever I read the term ‘Trotskyite’ I ask myself: Is this used out of ignorance or malice aforethought? Joh T’s comment strikes me as a combination of both. Bear in mind the Right2Change movement as dominated by Brendan Ogle had little time for Trotskyist groups though welcoming their members on demos, gatherings etc. but he has since made known he won’t have “any f***ing Trots” in new departures, like the “mass party” he plans to launch or so he tells us repeatedly.
Joan Collins is an independent socialist who doesn’t carry Trotskyist baggage nowadays. It is quite clear that RTOC, however it may be constituted, all the emphasis will be on elections and local issues, specifically getting Joan re-elected in a constituency where Sinn Féin will stand a second candidate and most likely hoover up the vote at her expense. And that, I believe, is regrettable. All the RTOC lack of clarity and intrigues makes me think the new party will go nowhere. For that, I do not care a jot.


6. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - June 7, 2020

Lack of clarity is the common problem with RTOC, Independent Socialists and RISE. We can be sure what they are all for (Socialism, perhaps Communism) and what they are agin (Capitalism), but what are their immediate perspectives? How do they hope to get from here to there? In particular,how does JC’s new lot differ from I2C ? All the groups I have mentioned include people for whom I have some respect. Yet if they’re going to foster around running electoral campaigns on plat forms (or lack of platforms) that seem to too many to be identical and in rivalry with each other, they will not advance their common cause and will likely end up in the labour Party. They should learn from the horrible example of Roddy Connolly.
Of course, there is always the international dimension. but this lack is part of these groups’ common lack of perspective.

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