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Change at the top? June 6, 2020

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From the IT this Saturday evening:

Green Party deputy leader Catherine Martin has confirmed to some party members that she will stand against Eamon Ryan in a leadership contest.
Ms Martin has replied by email only to those members who contacted her directly in recent weeks urging her to run, sources said.

Interesting, I think it is fair to say.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - June 6, 2020

My impression talking to some on the edges of the Greens is that the post-recession membership is less than enamoured with the eco-neoliberalism of the leadership, which wasn’t so obvious until the opportunity to get into bed with FF and FG came up.

On the flip side, the leadership now finds itself contesting with a newbie contingent that in some ways might be more comfortable in the ranks of SF or S-PBP, it you pared down the republicanism and Marxism of the latter parties.

I even heard speculation about some members splitting unless mollified about “real” green policies being part of any program for government.

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2. Enzo - June 7, 2020

This definitely has been coming for a while.

I’ve sat on panels and been involved in campaigns with Lorna Bogue, one of the Cllrs in Cork that wrote the letter asking for Catherine Martin to stand, and she is far to the left of the traditional Irish Greens ideology.

While Eamonn Ryan may try to claim credit for the electoral rejuvenation it’s clear to anybody who keeps an eye on Irish politics that the Green wave had far more to do with Greta and Extinction Rebellion than any actual policies from the neoliberal leadership.

I’d think that the vast majority of the younger members recognize this and are trying to mitigate against the inevitable backlash to being involved in a coalition.


3. EWI - June 7, 2020

The absolute apoplexy this has induced in FG and FF’s media adherents has been something to see. Thundering IT editorials on the way?

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sonofstan - June 7, 2020

FF? The party that went into an election having replaced their leader but left the old leader as taoiseach? and FG, a party that went into coalition and appointed a taoiseach who was not their leader?

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