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Power of Dreams interview… June 6, 2020

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IEL mentioned POD here some time back. Jason O”Toole and an interview with Craig Walker from the band in the Daily Mirror this last week or so. And very interesting it is too. Not least how they were influenced by A House in terms of simply making music.

They grew up “just down the road” in Walkinstown from the band A House, whose third record I Am The Greatest is considered one of the greatest Irish albums of all time. Coincidentally, that album will mark its 30th anniversary next year.
“They were a huge inspiration. They were the first people that I ever came across in Walkinstown who were remotely famous. The lightbulb went off in my head that, ‘F*****g hell! These guys from around the corner are signing to Warners’. And that was amazing,” Craig recalled.
They “orchestrated” it for Keith to get to know A House’s frontman Dave Couse.


“I remember saying to Keith, ‘Go down to see Dave and ask him these questions’. And Keith would go down, he was probably 14 at the time, a cheeky little drummer, and ask Dave, ‘How did you get a record deal? What’s a publishing deal?’ Dave gave us great advice. And we supported them. They were very kind to us.”


POD landed themselves their first record deal with an independent label when they were all still at school.

Fairly clear about their likes:

The Pixies were recording next door when we were doing Immi- grants. It was produced by Ray Shulman, who was a member of Gentle Giant. He was 40 at the time. And I’m 49 now. And I remember – I was like 18 – thinking, he was an old fart. Talented but f*****k old!” he recalled, laughing.
“And he did a great job. I’d asked for Ray to be the producer because he’d done The Sugarcubes, who I loved, and Ian McCulloch’s first solo album from The Bunnymen. I was really a fan of that. And he did The Sundays’ first album.

Record label woes and (perhaps) Britpop finally saw them call it a day in the early to mid-1990s. But all this after four albums. And they’re in the process of a reassessment of their career as well as new material:

The band is currently in talks with a couple of major record labels to reissue a 30th anniversary edition of their debut album and a boxset of B-side and rarities, hopefully later this year. While they have also recorded 12 new tracks with Cadian musician Eric Alcock – who has worked with Eminem, Celine Dion and Pink – on production duties

As well as:

That album Ausländer will be out in September, with the a Double-A
side single from it being released on July 3, which nicely coincides with the 30th anniversary of their debut album that was out July 1990.


Alcock has also just wrapped up recording another album with Craig that they’re planning to bring out under the moniker Craig Walker + The Cold in 2021.
And if all that wasn’t enough, Craig is part of a super-group of Irish artists who have joined forces to record a cover of Bill Withers’ classic Lean on Me to raise money for nursing home PPE, which will be released next Monday. The idea was initiated by Paul Linehan of The Frank & Walters and Aiden O’Connor, who is the owner of the IMRO-award winning venue Mike the Pies.


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