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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… A Sweet Niche June 20, 2020

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Heard about this a while ago, caught the video album on Youtube and liked it a lot. A Sweet Niche are Keir Cooper & Olly Sellwood who have been working together from 2012 or so:

Keir is an award-winning artist working in composition for guitar+electronics and live art. Oliver is a composer and saxophonist, completing a PhD with Matthew Shlomowitz & Michael Finnissy. Together they share a musical vocabulary sharpened over two decades.The latest album REWIRES is arranged and performed as a live big band video album, released 30th May 2020.

The big band includes Ellie Westbrook, Sam Calcott, Josh Perl, Nicky Baigent, Monique Buchanan, Oz Browne,Ben Handysides, Rose Biggin, Luke Toms & Stanley Macdonald – combining members of The Display Team, Knifeworld, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Lost Crowns & Hot Head Show.

As they say themselves they ‘…sit… between jazz, alternative and rock’. Rip Rig and Panic come to mind but that’s perhaps a function of convergent musical evolution. Note the cross-over with a range of other groups etc. It’s great stuff and is that more than an hint of a political edge in some of the lyrics?

Here’s the video album which is also available for download.


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