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Humiliating? June 28, 2020

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I know Vibes and Scribes bookshop in Cork pretty well, but the response to their requests that customers don masks when entering the shop is bizarre.

Joan Lucey, who owns Vibes and Scribes on Lavitt’s Quay in Cork city centre, re-opened her shop on Tuesday and asked customers to wear a mask and, if they didn’t have one with them, the shop was happy to provide one.
“We asked people to wear masks for the safety of our staff and our customers and if they didn’t have one, we were happy to provide them with one and they could make a donation to the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, ” said Ms Lucey.

One comment said:

“Compulsory masks and sanitizers [sic] are my reasons for blacklisting the shops. It’s not Covid that kills small business, it’s those shops’ own policies.”


Another posted a message stating, “Great way to stop customers coming to your shop – nobody should be made to wear face masks, we all have free choice “ while another vowed not to visit “under these humiliating conditions.”

Huh? Free choice?

Interestingly though:

It appears some of those expressing strong opposition to Vibes and Scribes policy have links to the anti-vaccinations but Ms Lucey said she was simply following HSE advice on masks out of concern for her staff and customers.

And note this:

“We’re asking people to wear masks simply to protect our staff and customers and if for whatever reason, people refuse to wear a mask, we ask them to limit their visit to 10 minutes – again out of concern for our staff and customers.

It seems to me that protection of workers and other customers, or if one prefers the blanket term humans, would be the key thing, not whether people feel momentary ‘humiliation’.

And the actual advice?

The latest official advice from the HSE, updated on June 15th, states that face coverings should be worn in situations where it is difficult to practice social distancing, such as in shops and on public transport.


1. EWI - June 28, 2020

I heard someone I know, a dedicated motorist with a large Beemer, regularly opine during the height of the current lockdown that red lights should be done away with for the duration so that he could motor anywhere in the locality without being subject to rules (similar sentiments have been expressed about other measures in response to COVID-19)

Apparently, and despite the record of the past hundred years, motorists are adults and perfectly well able to sort this out themselves (the number of crashes in even a nearly-empty Dublin due to speeding and ignoring lights would seem to disagree).

Anyway, solidarity with V&S, who are an excellent bookshop.

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2. NFB - June 28, 2020

I wonder if this can be considered a tie-in to the idea perpetrated by a certain breed that the virus is some kind of enemy to be fought, and changes to our routine to contain it must be viewed as a surrender. COVID doesn’t care about your self-consciousness wearing a mask.

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3. CL - June 28, 2020

“Airborne spread from undiagnosed infections will continuously undermine the effectiveness of even the most vigorous testing, tracing, and social distancing programs. After evidence revealed that airborne transmission by asymptomatic individuals might be a key driver in the global spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommended the use of cloth face coverings. Masks provide a critical barrier, reducing the number of infectious viruses in exhaled breath, especially of asymptomatic people and those with mild symptoms (12) (see the figure). Surgical mask material reduces the likelihood and severity of COVID-19 by substantially reducing airborne viral concentrations (13). Masks can also protect uninfected individuals from SARS-CoV-2 aerosols and droplets (13, 14). Thus, it is particularly important to wear masks in locations with conditions that can accumulate high concentrations of viruses, such as health care settings, airplanes, restaurants, and other crowded places with reduced ventilation.”

“Trump leads a party that, by ideology and temperament, has grown deeply skeptical of government mandates and scientific expertise. Many in the GOP, which increasingly relies on white voters without college degrees, look askance at higher education itself.
So libertarian Republicans oppose mask requirements as infringements on personal choice, while others on the fringes see plots against their freedom. Of 20 states that have implemented broad mask-wearing requirements, just four have Republican governors.”

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EWI - June 28, 2020

Just as big a problem is that Trump very deliberately made it a MAGA cultural signal to refuse to wear masks.

Of course, this is riddled with the most abject hypocrisy – word has been that for some time mask-wearing has been made mandatory in the WH by Trump (for everyone but himself and Pence).

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