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UK polling on unwinding the lockdown July 1, 2020

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Also from the Observer:

After a week in which many people flocked to crowded beaches to enjoy the hot weather some 54% of people now think the UK is coming out of lockdown too fast, up from 46% last week. Meanwhile, most of the public (59%) continue to think testing levels for Covid-19 are insufficient.

But then, as also noted in the Observer:

Ministers were warned by senior policing figures on the eve of chaotic scenes at beaches last week that lifting the lockdown is “madness” and risks prompting fresh disorder.

During a meeting last Wednesday with police and crime commissioners, the Home Office minister Kit Malthouse was told that the decision to reopen pubs on 4 July could lead to increased violence and that coastal resorts could be overrun.

And the very next day it came to pass.

According to the West Midlands police and crime commissioner, Labour’s David Jamieson, Malthouse “brushed the concerns away”. Jamieson said: “The issue was raised and it is total madness, we all know it’s madness. Some of his [Malthouse’s] Conservative colleagues raised it as well, particularly those on the coast.”


The following day a major incident was declared after tens of thousands of people defied pleas to stay away and descended on beaches in Bournemouth, while police were attacked at illegal street parties in Brixton and Notting Hill in London.

Genuinely, the ineptitude of the Tories knows no bounds. But what is their excuse?

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We recognise that as restrictions are carefully eased, we are trusting the public to comply with more subtle social restrictions. There is no excuse for violence, vandalism or disorderly behaviour and the police have our full support in cracking down on those who flout restrictions.”

‘More subtle social restrictions’? Subtle to the point of invisibility.


1. tafkaGW - July 1, 2020

The Tories lie,
while people die.

That slogan just about sums it up.

There was a piece in the FT about how the Brexitanian govt is making it impossible to get true figures for Covid19 infection in local areas.

Apparently in Leicester 90% of the infections were ‘Pillar 2’ (don’t ask me) and were therefore not included in the figures. And then people are asking where the outbreak there came from.

Not surprisingly local authorities find it hard to make decisions.

The illegal clothing sweatshops there continued exploiting their workers and exposing them to the virus during the lockdown, reportedly.

This isn’t unique to the north of England, – you see the same thing in Amazon packing centres, factories for cutting up dead pigs, migrant workers and refugees packed together in hostels etc. etc. in Germany, Singapore – the list is pretty much endless.

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FergusD - July 2, 2020

Leicester is in the East Midlands, not Up North, although I suppose it is all relative. Seems like of the outbreaks were/are in food processing plants in Leicester. Where, geographically, does the Leicester lockdown end? Leicester City Council boundary? Would everyone know where that is? Wouldn’t lots nip over the border for a pint?


sonofstan - July 2, 2020

Even ‘Up North’ is not really ‘up north’ if you look at the map. Once you go north of the M62, it’s all wilderness and geordies tho’


2. sonofstan - July 1, 2020

It would appear the youth have been raving like it was 1988 and the covid related restrictions are just this generations version of the ’94 Criminal Justice Bill: drawing condemnation from those who were there ‘back in the day’ about the irresponsibility of said youth, possibly forgetting what it was like ‘back in the day’.
The tories have obviously handled this badly but I’d be cautious about imagining that just because the papers have had a field day monstering the crowds who went to Bournemouth that it’s all post-lockdown anarchy in the UK: from my limited perspective, it seems people are still more or less minding themselves and others.
Re-opening the pubs on a Saturday is stupid though.

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