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Mixed messages July 2, 2020

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Amazing. A cautious note struck in the IT by, of all people, Conor Pope on foot of the appeals from RyanAir et al to ‘reopen’ air travel. And taking a particularly sceptical tone in the following:

Ryanair DAC chief executive Eddie Wilson, who had just accused the Government of being “out of step” with administrations across the EU in the timing of the opening of the country to international travel.
Wilson said that at some stage the country was going to have to “get back to normal” and he suggested that people would “not lose their heads just because they are on holiday. People are going to do it sensibly.”
He did not say how he knew this to be true, and offered nothing by way of evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that it was.

Frankly the government messaging has been a dogs dinner on this issue, and Pope ably outlines the swerving one way and then the other in relation to what might or might not be possible. Given that the medical advice is largely at one (with some dissenters) it is curious that this swerving should take place, unless it was in order to string matters out until an FF led administration had to take the decision. Perhaps it is stealthily moving towards just that…

By Sunday the new Minister for Transport, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, was saying people should “restrict travel to when it is absolutely necessary” and urging everyone to holiday at home this summer.
Within 24 hours, Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan was expressing concern about an increase in foreign travel leading to a spike in Covid-19 cases, while a day later the newly anointed Minister with responsibility for tourism, Green Party deputy leader Catherine Martin, was saying that while “right now” the advice was to ease travel restrictions, people should still holiday at home.

Pope argues that:

But if the State’s top medic believes non-essential foreign travel this summer is a bad idea and if all the indications are that coronavirus is far from under control in many countries across the EU, then perhaps the Cabinet could make it crystal clear that overseas travel is simply not going to be on the table this summer.

Which seems sensible, and might actually offer a lifeline to an hard-pressed hospitality sector on this island.

Still, that last is no picnic either as this report in the FT notes in relation to New York which notes the closure of indoor dining in NYC and New Jersey and the Governor of the latter pointing to that as a factor in a rising tide of cases across the US ‘driven in part by the return of indoor dining’. While the NY Governor noted a ‘lack of compliance with social-distancing’ in pubs and restaurants in the city.

All of which adds up to very real problems – and arguably restrictions being loosened too quickly. And of course has implications this side of the Atlantic.

But I’m minded of Eddie Wilson’s comment above, that the country was going to ‘have to get back to normal’. The real oddity of this moment is the number of people who appear to believe that just saying that again and again is going to achieve that outcome in the face of the reality facing us all.


1. EWI - July 2, 2020

Ryanair is likely going away, or at least going to be emerging as a much smaller operation from this.

And any attempt to bail the b–s out with public funds should be fought to the last ditch.


tafkaGW - July 2, 2020

I’m looking forward to the day O’Leary declares bankruptcy.

He has contributed significantly to:

a) run-away climate catastrophe

b) the spread of the pandemic

Not to mention how he’s treated his workers and his parasitisation of regional and local authorities in development of the infrastructure from which he’s profited.

Keep that shit shut down.


tafkaGW - July 2, 2020

Then after the revolution we can put him on trial for crimes against humanity & the planetary eco-system.


Joe - July 2, 2020

A bit brutal, no?


tafkaGW - July 2, 2020

Appropriately so.

A typical Ryanair approach to worker representation: this time from the Czech Republic:


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2. NFB - July 2, 2020

No elected official wants to be the one to say categorically, that you can’t jet off on your holliers to the Canary’s. They’d rather hum, haw, suggest and point to someone else.

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3. CL - July 2, 2020

Indoor dining and drinking in bars and restaurants in areas of NY state outside NYC resumed last week, with a capacity limit of 50 per cent.
To the thousands of bar and restaurant workers in NYC who have lost their jobs the failure to reopen as planned next Monday is quite a blow.
Outdoor dining and takeout is allowed, but this has led to crowds gathering outside some bars with no social distancing nor masks.
Cuomo and de Blasio are being extra cautious, their caution being reinforced by the resurgence of the virus in the south and sunbelt consequent on reopening. Visitors to NY from several states are now required to quarantine for 14 days,-something difficult to enforce. So it might be some time before eating and drinking in restaurants and bars resumes.

““Millions of American workers are suffering from economic whiplash, thinking they were finally returning to work only to be sent home again because of the coronavirus’s latest surge”


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