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Research on SF’s vote… July 3, 2020

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Kevin Cunningham, political researcher was on the IT politics podcast with some thoughts on findings he’s made on the SF vote. First up? That Sinn Féin is ‘hoovering up’ the non-Dublin working class and people who hadn’t been interested in politics before. Pat Leahy asked at whose expense this came at and his response was ‘Fianna Fáil’ and he pointed to the respective fortunes of either party in the polls – ‘SF and FF have swapped places since GE 2020’. He underscored that this was a dynamic that was increasing since the election, with FG taking FF votes too.

He pointed to a preference on the part of some SF voters wanting tax cuts instead of public expenditure, but that this was about voters being relatively disadvantaged and wanting the economy to grow.

FG vote has become more middle class – and he feels that SF and FG could play off each other. But he argues that FF needs visibility and taking health and housing is key to ‘maximising visibility’.

BTW, Cunningham thought SF wouldn’t be overly damaged by the Storey funeral. That this politically wasn’t analogous to Cummings, given SF is at best leery about government.


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