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The new dispensation… July 3, 2020

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From the IT:

New Taoiseach, Micheál Martin has asked his predecessor, Leo Varadkar to put back a portrait of Michael Collins in the Taoiseach’s office to hang beside one of Eamon De Valera to symbolise unity 100 years on from the Civil War.

And what of this?

“History to me is about revelation, you can’t look back judgementally – we can’t import today’s values back 100 years ago, we have to learn from it and try and understand it and not cover it up – history belongs to no party.”



1. EWI - July 3, 2020

I think he misspoke, and meant ‘revelation’ instead of ‘revisionism’.

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EWI - July 3, 2020

(or even the other way around)


Bartholomew - July 3, 2020

Yes, he probably meant ‘revaluation’. ‘Revelation’ makes no sense.

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2. Fergal - July 3, 2020

I don’t know but the anniversaries of various events- WW1, the RIC etc includes much guff about a shared history blah, blah, blah… which seems ahistorical at the very least and dishonest too but then commemorations are always about the present and not the past
I get the impression the elites hate our anti-imperialist and violent ancestors


Ewi - July 4, 2020

I get the impression the elites hate our anti-imperialist and violent ancestors

It’s the primary impediment to our glorious NATO future (not to mention dangerous notions that we can do better, as a Republic)


3. NFB - July 3, 2020

Brings to mind a Clubs and Socs day at NUIM, where I got to see stands for the youth wings of three different parties all with banners featuring Collins’ face: FG, SF and FF.


4. roddy - July 3, 2020

A lot of younger SF’ers are not up to speed with Republican History at all.Their knowledge of Collins would be down to a film and some even dont know the difference between WP and SWP!They are amazed for example when I tell them how prominent E.McCann was for instance in H block campaigns and that Bernadette gave the oration at D.McGlincheys funeral.This is not confined to SF either.I once saw a young SDLP woman say that she really admired Bernadette and would love to meet her.When I told her that Bernadettes reaction to the IRA ceasefire was “the good guys lost” and the Dominic connection I got no reply.(This debate was on twitter) Suffice to say Bernadette was no longer “admired”! Similarly those who think it “trendy” to namecheck Mandela are similarly horrified when they hear how well got Gerry Adams was and still is in ANC circles!


sonofstan - July 3, 2020

I remember when there was a civic reception for Mandela in 1990, same day the Irish team arrived back from Italia ’90 and the awkward silence from 90% of the well-intentioned crowd when he basically said ‘up the ‘Ra’ (I may be paraphrasing).


Dr. Nightdub - July 4, 2020

In fairness, “Up the Ra” does rhyme with “Paul McGrath’s da” – he may have just been doing a spontaneous communal “Ooh, ah” call-and-response thing…


5. roddy - July 4, 2020

David Cullinane should have said “I was merely quoting Mandela “


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