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Afternoon grilling… July 7, 2020

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Today’s the day. Micheál Martin faces…

…his first round of questions in the Dáil today when the House resumes this afternoon.

Presumably not quite the day he envisaged even a week ago given that:

Later this evening, Minister for Agriculture Barry Cowen will make a statement in the Dáil outlining the circumstances around the ban for drink-driving he received in 2016.

This by the way is appalling and no surprise to see some of the usual suspects at the heart of matters:

Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman says he has become the victim of a “far-right social media pile-on” by groups using misinformation to play on concerns about child protection issues.
Speaking following a week of social media attacks on his views around the age of consent, and accusations of associating with an alleged “paedophile apologist”, Mr O’Gorman said the protection of the most vulnerable remained his “central” focus as a politician.

And he has more than a point when he argues:

…there was a definite homophobic element to the abuse he was receiving and that his predecessor Katherine Zappone had been subjected to similar attacks for being gay and because she didn’t have children. The Green Party Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu has also been subjected to online attacks around race, said Mr O’Gorman.


1. irishelectionliterature - July 7, 2020

The Cowen thing is mad. I’m told that the source of the leak re the Drink Driving ban was another FF TD who leaked it in a fit of pique after being overlooked for a Senior Ministry!
I gather Cowen now knows who it was too.
If there is anything different from the contrite apology he issued at the weekend, then he’s toast.
The fact that Martin’s first week as Taoiseach has been all about statements from FF folk disgusted that they didn’t get a Ministry and this Cowen business doesn’t bode well.
It’s rumoured that , in the aftermath of the cabinet appointments, there was other dirt thrown out about another FF Minister.
FF will continue to do shit in the polls and they’ll all blame Martin… when really they should be blaming themselves.

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sonofstan - July 7, 2020

There was a piece on Drivetime (appropriately….) last night looking at Provisional licences/ Learners Permits: apparently there are 6,500 people in the country on their 11th such permit!
It seems to me the more serious thing is that Cowen was presumably driving on his own, without a fully licensed driver to accompany him for how long?


irishelectionliterature - July 7, 2020

Yeah, really odd considering he was a rural auctioneer and a County Councillor. I hope too for his sake that he had enough sense not to drive in the three months he was banned.


WorldbyStorm - July 7, 2020

6,500. How on earth does that come about?

That sounds like it may still have legs, IEL, what you’re saying there. Isn’t it a remarkable shambles though. No coronation this.

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sonofstan - July 7, 2020

So apparently you can get a new learner’s permit if you can show you’ve applied for a test. You don’t then have to actually take it. And then you can do it again. And again.

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WorldbyStorm - July 7, 2020

Reverse Kafkaesque. The bureaucracy works for the person applying!


sonofstan - July 7, 2020

Kafka or Beckett?
You know, ‘try again, fail again, fail better’
Literary modernism understood in relation to Irish driver testing.

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Bartholomew - July 7, 2020

And at the other extreme, does anyone else remember this?

‘In 1979 anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 driving licences were given out to those who had never taken a test. There had been a lengthy postal strike and no applications could be received or posted. Not many had telephones back then (two years to get one installed), so tests could not even be arranged by phone. This led to a huge backlog. The then Environment Minister, Sylvester Barrett decided the best way to sort it out was to declare an amnesty. So a full driving licence was given to candidates who held a second provisional licence, as it was called then.

Later, it transpired that some insurance companies refused to allow them a reduced premium because they had not passed the test. Some then applied to do the test to qualify but were refused because they already held a full licence.’


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Joe - July 7, 2020

Literary modernism understood in relation to Irish driver testing. That works, makes sense.
Literary modernism understood in relation to the Cowans. That doesn’t.

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Ned Corcaigh - July 7, 2020

I don’t know about that Joe.
They sometimes seem to have strayed out of a Flann O’Brien novel.


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