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It’s going to be different: protecting against coronavirus July 10, 2020

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This is pretty solid, an overview that has been doing the rounds on social media the last week or so using some excellent graphics of three instances of the outbreak of the virus and what lessons can be learned from them. Some clear takeways:

Research carried out by local authorities revealed that almost all the people infected in a 19-story building with more than a thousand residents and office workers were confined to this area. Moreover, those infected were almost exclusively working in the same room. Despite the considerable interaction between workers from different floors of the building in the elevators and the lobby, the spread of the virus was largely confined to that one space filled with employees sitting at desks, “indicating that the duration of the interaction (or contact) was probably the main facilitator for extensive infection,” according to the Seoul authorities’ report.

The recommendations surely spell the end of many open-plan offices.

The overview of how the virus spread in a restaurant should give pause for thought to those contemplating eating out in the near future. Again proximity and length of exposure are crucial. But even 4.5 meters was no hindrance to infection if air circulation brought respiratory particles around a specific area.

The recommendations are striking in that instance. By way of one example? ‘Avoid’ music so people don’t have to ‘raise their voices and expel more droplets as they speak’.

Finally it looks at a bus where air recirculation spread the virus. The measures for all these are self-evident…. physical distancing first and foremost, the creation of physical barriers between people, reduce contact by staggering shifts or similar and finally though least effectively individual protections such as face masks.


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