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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Taste and Rory Gallagher. July 11, 2020

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Though I’d long been a fan of Rory Gallagher (and IEL did a post to him some while back which you can read here), I only heard Taste, the first band formed by him with, in the very recent past. Then again, maybe that’s not such a surprise, there’s a lot of music out there to listen to. And yet, I’m not sorry to have heard them now because it was a real pleasure to do so.

And the eponymous first album, released in 1969, with Richard McCracken on bass and John Wilson on drums, I like a whole lot, in fact though I am very fond of his solo stuff I think I like it a little better. It’s a fraction softer in places, a fraction harder edged in others, but that difference makes all the difference. Allmusic amongst others point to the debt it owes to Cream while moving beyond them, and while that’s true, to my ear in places there’s something very Zeppelin-like (Catfish is example A). Allmusic suggests that Rush’s early career is mapped out here. Not difficult to believe.

But to list references – while pointing to the influence of this and the unashamed reality that it is of its moment – is almost to ignore that this is a fascinating album that stands in its own right, led by a genuine talent with a voice and a guitar all his own and sustained by a solid group of musicians around him.

Blister on the Moon sounds like the Who (Tommy was released that year, the single Pinball Wizard was released a couple of weeks before Taste’s album and so it’s fair to ascribe this to two bands coming up with the verse separately and simultaneously). Leaving Blues, written by Lead Belly, is restrained, and his voice is great. Hail likewise. Born on the Wrong Side of Time is exuberant. And it’s heavy, but it’s considered.

One anecdote I only read about recently was his response to seeing the final performance of the Sex Pistol’s ill-starred US tour. He is reported as saying it was either the best or the worst gig he was ever at. Whatever, the sound of tracks on albums released around that time, like Photo-Finish are clearly indebted in some part to the energy of what he saw, and perhaps as an old Eddie Cochrane fan himself he saw a strange commonality between himself and then. There’s something admirable about his willingness to go to the gig in the first place, let alone to come away with those thoughts. But Taste is where it starts.

Blister on the Moon

Leaving Blues


Born On The Wrong Side Of Time

I’m Moving On

Same Old Story


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