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Anyone been to the Library recently? July 12, 2020

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Went past Raheny Library this weekend and realised I hadn’t been to a Library since they reopened, though I’m still using BorrowBox for the Library service, which is excellent. But quick question, anyone been to the Library in the last few weeks and any thoughts on how they are functioning during this period?

This post in May outlined some of the restrictions and constraints.


1. CL - July 12, 2020

“More than four months after the COVID-19 pandemic rocked New York City, the Brooklyn, New York and Queens public libraries will reopen a handful of locations this Monday, July 13, for “grab-and-go” service only.
Twenty-two branches of the three public library systems serving New York City will offer booklovers the opportunity to pick up new novels and non-fiction works after reserving them online. Customers who had borrowed books months ago but never got a chance to return them will be able to do so, with late fees waived.
Those heading to the reopened branches will need to wear masks to protect others, and practice social distancing.
Over the past week, library employees returned to the reopening locations to help prepare them for the relaunch. However, customers will be met at the door by librarians who will help them check out new material and process returning items.”

The main branch in Manhattan is now known as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library. The foundation gave $55m towards an extensive renovation.

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2. Tomboktu - July 13, 2020

Sort of.

I still have access to a university library from a work course I finished a while ago. I have been using the access to journals to research a few topics that interest me.

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3. ar scáth a chéile - July 14, 2020

Its call and collect only in Marino presumably same elsewhere. Just got Hayek’s ,The Road to Serfdom from the interlibrary loan, a system as communistic as you get under this Capitalist Order.

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WorldbyStorm - July 14, 2020

An interesting read. I haven’t been in Marino Library in donkey’s years, and it’s only around the corner, sort of!


CL - July 14, 2020

“Economic sociologist Karl Polanyi made a case diametrically opposed to Hayek, arguing that unfettered markets had undermined the social order and that economic breakdown had paved the way for the emergence of dictatorship.”


4. tafkaGW - July 14, 2020

I love the state library here, but I’m loth to go back to it. Any enclosed space with lots of people that can be avoided, should be avoided, right now.


5. tafkaGW - July 14, 2020

So I’ve just got my hands on the German translation of Olga Tokarczuk’s ‘The Books of Jacob’ – all 1180 pages of it, counted backwards.

Should keep me busy.

I believe the book is out in English next year.


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