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Irish Republican Phil O’Donoghue & Operation Harvest July 13, 2020

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Via Irish Republican Marxist History Project
This is the story of Phil O’Donoghue who in 1954 joined the Irish Republican Army in Dublin, he subsequently participated in Operation Harvest.

On New Year’s Day 1957, Phil was a member of a military column during a raid against an RUC barracks in Brookeboroug, in which Seán South and Fergal O’Hanlon lost their lives.
Along with 38 volunteers he was arrested at an IRA training camp in Wicklow and was imprisoned in the Curragh camp.

Dedicated to the unsung people along England’s border in Ireland who supported the IRA Volunteers during Operation Harvest the 1956-62 IRA Border Campaign.

O’Donoghue became the National Organiser of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that was founded on 7th, December 1997.


1. roddy - July 13, 2020

The 32 CSM wouldnt be hard to organise. If their total membership exceeds a dozen,I would be very surprised.


2. smillar@siptu.ie - July 13, 2020

One of the last people at Sean Garland’s bedside before he died. The bonds of youthful comradeship can overcome political division, also throws into relief the pointlessness of the young men who would kill over such divisions.

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Joe - July 16, 2020

Janey, that’s mad so it is. Would make a good study… the diverse political directions subsequently taken by the men who were on that raid together.

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WorldbyStorm - July 16, 2020

It really would make a great study. Always reminded at times like this of Tomas Mac Giolla saying in the early 2000s he’d shake RÓ’B’s hand no problem but not that of PdeR.

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sonofstan - July 16, 2020

They were a bit diverse before the raid too weren’t they? Seán South’s involvement with Maria Duce etc.

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Joe - July 16, 2020

There’s diversity and diversity I s’pose. They were all white Irish males afaik.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - July 17, 2020

Well, Ireland could not be described as multicultural in 1957.


alanmyler - July 17, 2020

Except for the obvious multi culturalism of the green and orange traditions of course.


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