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17 days July 14, 2020

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That’s how long it took for the first member of the newly appointed Cabinet to be sacked.

The Minister for Agriculture Barry Cowen has been sacked a little over a fortnight after being appointed to the position.
Taoiseach Micheál Martin told Dáil Eireann just before 9pm this evening that the Offaly TD will no longer serve in Cabinet arising from continuing controversy over his drink driving conviction.
Mr Martin said the latest revelations about the Garda file – which suggested Mr Cowen may have attempted to evade a Garda checkpoint – had raised new issues which had to be deal with by other members of Government, as Mr Cowen was not prepared to make a public statement.


1. ar scáth a chéile - July 14, 2020

Will he get the pension?

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Tomboktu - July 14, 2020

no. Need to serve a minimum of two years as a minister to qualify for it.

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2. tomasoflatharta - July 14, 2020

Barry Cowen TD self-destructs a ministerial career :

“However, this should not be the end of the matter. Michéal Martin knew about the Garda report referring to Cowen attempting to evade a Garda checkpoint. He knew about it before Cowen made a statement which didn’t make reference to it. He clearly agreed with Cowen that he would not include this very important information. It also part of the reason they voted against having any questions.” – Paul Murphy TD https://tomasoflatharta.wordpress.com/2020/07/14/barry-cowen-sacked-from-fffggg-cabinet-paul-murphy-td-says-taoiseach-martin-knew-about-garda-report-saying-cowen-attempted-to-evade-a-garda-checkpoint/

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NFB - July 14, 2020

Cowen’s reaction on Twitter quite angry. Another member of FF Parliamentary Party who will be looking forward to sticking the metaphorical knife into Martin’s back when the time comes.

Who gets Agriculture now?


3. NFB - July 14, 2020

Also Coveney apparently only found out just before he went on Primetime. Bad form if so.

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4. irishelectionliterature - July 14, 2020

There’s war in FF over this. It seems to be along the lines of those that were against going into Government (and also Offaly FF folk) versus the Martin Loyalists who were in favour of going in.
Tomorrows appointment has to be Dara Calleary or there will be further war…… although imagine the laugh if he appointed Thomas Byrne!

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NFB - July 14, 2020

O’Dea also angling for something previously. No matter who Martin chooses he pisses someone off.

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5. Michael Carley - July 15, 2020

Paddy Power still offering 10/1 on an election this year.


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