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Populists gonna populist… July 29, 2020

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A Government backbencher Fianna Fail TD Marc MacSharry:

He praised staff in the Department of Social Protection who had got so many Covid-related schemes up and running and “managed to get money to people pretty quickly, in the main. They deserve much credit”.

But he contrasted that effort with “many elements” in the public service who are “using this situation as cover to lie on the couch and watch box sets, returning an odd call here and there and doing the maximum of the minimum to tick over during this period”.

And the evidence for this?


1. EWI - July 29, 2020

Would love to get the time during the day to mind children, never mind ‘watch box sets’. Maybe this grubby little product of nepotism (apparently an estate agent by trade) can direct me to the right part of the public service to transfer into?

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WorldbyStorm - July 29, 2020

+1 I’ve had no experience of what he talks about. Anything but. Throughout interactions I’ve had with IT and other areas people have been accessible during working hours even though they too like myself ad yourself have been working remotely. And by the by, I had a guy in from Phonewatch yesterday who told me he’d been off for two and a half months at home. I don’t begrudge him that in the slightest, that’s the nature ofthe shutdown but to see a pol take potshots at people who in truth have been working solidly throughout is remarkable. Though hardly unexpected.


2. crocodileshoes - July 29, 2020

‘Political consultant’ Gerard Howlin on the Sarah McInerny programme today to talk about the u-turn on ministers’ pay. Guess what the real issue is? Correct: all public service is overpaid and the public service pay restoration due in the autumn should be withheld.
I was wondering how long it would take someone to blame public servants for COVID – my money was on Ed Walsh – but Paddy Power are paying out on Howlin.
I write, of course, from my sofa, after a day binge-watching ‘Fargo.’

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3. Pasionario - July 29, 2020

Perhaps the highlight of Pat Rabbitte’s political career:

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Fergal - July 29, 2020

It’s basically incitement to hatred… thought there were laws against this… meanwhile Jeff Bezis I creased his wealth by 10 billion during the lockdown…

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4. sonofstan - July 29, 2020

Is this view of public servants a thing anywhere else? US maybe? you don’t really hear it inthe UK much.


crocodileshoes - July 29, 2020

People I know who did business/commerce degrees in the 80s/90s said that it was an article of faith in those departments that every penny spent on public service pay/pensions was a penny stolen from fine, upstanding, job-creating entrepreneurs. As mentioned before on this site, the graduates of those times are now at the top of businesses and media organisations and we may never know the full influence of those UCD and Trinity economists.
A pet theory of mine is that journalists are anti public servant because a. All Irish newspapers are right-leaning and B. Journalism is so precarious that they can’t use the word ‘pension’ without putting ‘gold plated’ before it. When have you read that it is possible to be a public servant in Ireland, now, and still be on a lower salary than 10 years ago? True – I have the pay slips to prove it. And all public service workers of my vintage have had the experience of listening to a full rant about ‘pampered, overpaid public servants’ – often from a close relative, who then mumbles “of course, I don’t mean you nurses, teachers, guards, or whatever. “ McSharry’s shite is straight out of that school of thought: the wily public servant, feet on the desk, eyes on the pension.

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Pasionario - July 29, 2020

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of Irish journos have recently jumped ship to become special advisers to the new goverment. Maybe they won’t get a pension out of it, but surely that makes them public servants.

As one of their erstwhile colleagues rather waspishly summed it up:

“Journalists are heading for government jobs with increasing regularity these days. It’s not usually to do with political allegiance but more to do with decisions about career advancement at a time when the news business is under pressure and permanent, pensionable jobs are a rarity.”


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EWI - July 29, 2020

A pet theory of mine is that journalists are anti public servant because a. All Irish newspapers are right-leaning and B. Journalism is so precarious that they can’t use the word ‘pension’ without putting ‘gold plated’ before it.

It’s a long-standing thing. The Indo despised public officials because ‘Dublin Castle’, the Irish Times despised the Corporation because ‘Home Rule’. In both cases the owner and the audience appreciate good bootlicking efforts to talk up the entrepeneurial powers of South Dublin beemer-owners.

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5. sonofstan - July 29, 2020

If Marc McSharry ever becomes a minister, I hope his departmental staff remember this and act out his fantasy in front of his eyes.

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