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Will there be a rebuke? July 30, 2020

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It will be interesting to see if the Taoiseach does indeed rebuke Marc MacSharry for his comments this week on ‘lazy’ public servants as suggested by SF’s Eoin Ó Broin. Interesting indeed if there is anything on offer from the Taoiseach, and what about his Cabinet colleagues?

But then one has to wonder is this a cynical ploy – not least in its naked efforts to pitch private sector and public sector workers against each other (which is curious given many public sector workers were working from home throughout whereas many private sector employments were unable to through no fault of their own) – to try to shift or reframe the narrative after an initial few weeks for the government that have been utterly absymal in terms of their image. It’s not one thing, not just the PUP issue and mishandling of same (Paul Murphy of RISE was particularly good on RTÉ earlier in the week outlining that he was adamantly against foreign travel but penalising people without notifying them of the danger of same was simply wrong) and subsequent U-turn, or indeed the issue of drivers, or the issue of pay for Ministers and the sudden Ministerial wage-cut. And there are other issues. It’s amazing to reconsider them as an IT editorial does:

Instead, the Government’s problems have been largely self-inflicted. No sooner had the Cabinet been formed than a slew of Fianna Fáil TDs went public to bemoan their omission. Such jarring self-pity revealed not only a failure to read the public mood but also the scale of internal indiscipline within Fianna Fáil in particular. The absence of a minister from west of the Shannon was another unforced error that resulted simply from a failure of Micheál Martin, Leo Varadkar and Eamon Ryan to coordinate their plans. Further damage followed with the sacking of Barry Cowen after a controversy over his drink-driving ban.

Rather it is the totality of these, the sense that this is a government curiously inept at navigating what should actually be a straightforward process of bedding in. And one can be forgiven for thinking that if this is how matters start, well, how will they continue?

Still, it’s not as if there weren’t problems before this. For example, what to make of this?

A series of gaffes prior to and during the general election cost Fine Gael at the polls, a meeting of the parliamentary party has been told.

Ministers and Ministers of State held discussions reviewing the party’s general election performance on Tuesday ahead of a further meeting of the entire parliamentary party on Wednesday evening.

An odd time to thinking about this given the party is back in government, albeit as nominally the slightly junior partner, and might be expected to be focusing on that work first and foremost.

That said, here’s an intriguing one:

Mr Varadkar is understood to have told his party that there was a focus during the election on Fianna Fáil being the main political opponent but it was clear that Sinn Féin was just as much as a threat.

Sinn Féin candidates all over the country won huge victories and topped the poll in many areas winning 37 seats.

Thinking ahead, eh?


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