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Wheels coming off… July 31, 2020

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Yesterday there was this assessment of the government and its woes here on the site. It was not a pretty sight. Today hardly twenty four hours later the government has seen a Minister of State and party whip ‘sanctioned’ by the Green Party for respectively abstaining and voting against the government. Both will lose speaking rights for two months, though in a way given the Dáil started a six-week break last night perhaps that sanction isn’t quite what it might otherwise be.

Harry McGee points to a sort of precedent for Minister of State Joe O’Brien’s abstention:

There was an issue in the last Dáil with Independent Alliance ministers abstaining on Bills, but such abstentions were on private member’s Bills, not on legislation being sponsored by the Government.

A Minister from one of the other parties said that this was a relatively benign Bill in the context of some of the really difficult decisions that will have to be taken in the autumn. The Minister said it did not give much confidence on the longevity of the Government, if its TDs were peeling off at such an early stage.

And while the broader sense of chaos that has seemingly engulfed this administration from the off persists there’s also this to keep in mind. Take the efforts last night:

A Sinn Féin request for an emergency debate next week on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment was rejected last night with the support of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, the Green Party and six regional independent TDs.

Those outriders, the independent TDs, are quite the bloc, albeit fractured into two and a half lots, as it were. There’s a fair bit of support there to keep the show on the road for a while yet. And if the remainder of the GP retains its coherency as a bloc then matters may not be quite as serious.

But again, day in day out, as was put yesterday ‘And one can be forgiven for thinking that if this is how matters start, well, how will they continue?’.


1. tomasoflatharta - July 31, 2020

These “sanctions” are a joke. More serious issues are ahead. Deputies Hourigan and O’Brien will have to decide which side they are on. Both of these Green deputies voted with the FFFGGG coalition to muzzle opposition TD’s in future Dáil debates.

“The Green Party parliamentary party met following the final vote last night and decided to sanction Mr O’Brien and Ms Hourigan.

It said both Mr O’Brien and Ms Hourigan have had their speaking rights removed for two months.

A spokesperson from the Green Party confirmed that the two month suspension on speaking rights for the TDs begins immediately and not when the Dáil resumes after the summer break.” https://www.rte.ie/news/politics/2020/0731/1156610-green-party-politics/


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