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Chris Frantz interview August 7, 2020

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…conducted by Jason O’Toole in the Mirror where he talks to the former Talking Heads member. It’s funny, I’ve mixed feelings about them as a group. Songs I love to this day – well, more than one or two and and the first three or four albums, and then a sense that something went awry on some level. Stop Making Sense was for better or worse this huge thing in the early 1980s. Perhaps too huge. But that’s likely just down to my personal taste. Interesting and heartening that he regards his partner of 40 odd years, Tina Weymouth, in these terms:

“Tina’s really the central figure in the book. There are many interesting characters in the book, but Tina is the star,” he explained.

I was struck by how David Byrne on his most recent solo effort managed the not unremarkable feat in this day and age of having not one woman collaborator out of 25 guest artists.

And an Irish connection or two, not least:

But I was surprised to see no mention of the post-David Byrne No Talking, Just Head album with its different guest singers in 1996 – prompting their ex-frontman to sue them over it all, with it eventually being settled out of court.

“I’m very grateful to all the artists that sang on that album – Gavin Friday, Maria McKee, Andy Partidge, Debbie Harry, Richard Hell and Michael Hutchence. But it got very lackluster treatment by the record company and nasty reviews in the press. I just preferred to concentrate on more positive things,” he explained.


1. oliverbohs - August 7, 2020

Any interview I read with F & W over the years were marked by the interviewer invoking Byrne, which would set Weymouth off, and whatever they were meant to be promoting wd be forgotten… Byrne did make a collaborative album with St Vincent, in his defence. I think it’s a pity Talking Heads never gave it one last shot but it’s an untenable situation


WorldbyStorm - August 7, 2020

It’s amazing how bad the atmosphere can be in groups – not madly surprising given how they push people together in close proximity – but some I love seem to be in a state of perpetual war


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