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Socialist Voice, August edition August 7, 2020

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August issue is now available online here.

Government of the willing” —How long can it last?

Like a game of fantasy football, the establishment media and media pundits fill the pages and the air waves with speculation about how long the present coalition government may last. The coalition of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party, while only in office since 27 June, stumbles and […]

Covid and class

Written by Laura Duggan on 5th August 2020

War imagery and rhetoric abound in the media discourse surrounding covid-19, along with the resurgence of the post-“Celtic tiger” crash cry of “we’re all in this together”—all of which paints a picture of a country united and unified in action against the menace of the deadly virus.

Covid and class

European Union – Despite recent agreement, the fault lines deepen

5th August 2020 by Eugene McCartan

The much-heralded recent “Next Generation EU Agreement” between the member-states of the European Union is little more than the papering over of growing and deepening cracks. The lack of a co-ordinated response to the covid-19 pandemic exposed the underlying fault lines within the European Union, contributing to and speeding up […]

The health of the nation – Part 2

5th August 2020 by Jimmy Doran

This is the second part of a discussion article offering a detailed look at the effects of partition, at the continued role of British imperialism in Ireland and the effect it has had and continues to have on our people. The focus on public health in the Six Counties argues […]

That old national question—still refusing to go away

5th August 2020 by Tommy McKearney

The hard-boiled readers of this paper rarely recognise the huge difficulties encountered by a right-wing coalition as it endeavours to govern this republic. There is the problem of ensuring that the rich are pampered, and that the middle class receives favourable treatment, and all the while guaranteeing that the working […]

Unionism redefined—but partition remains

5th August 2020 by Dorian Ó Seanáin

The “Republican Party” of Fianna Fáil is back in government. Its leader has laid out a pragmatic approach to the national question that rules out a border poll, meaning that a united Ireland is out of the question. How very republican indeed! Instead Micheál Martin has advocated a policy “much […]

Who is the average Irish farmer?

5th August 2020 by Graeme Power and Ewan MacDonald

Irish farming as we know it is in a state of terminal decline. But why is this so, and who is to blame? Some will insist that it is a natural development of economic progress; but, as always, we must ask, Progress for whom? The average Irish farmer struggles to […]

The importance of internationalism

5th August 2020 by Graham Harrington

International solidarity has a tendency to be treated as an optional extra by revolutionary movements, the type of thing you do if you have the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Showing solidarity with others in struggle is a central component of communist ideology. It should be recognised […]

Growing threat to world peace

5th August 2020 by Eugene McCartan

Governments in capitalist societies have given priority to protecting “the economy” before protecting the people’s health and well-being, while the covid pandemic has accelerated an existing deep global economic recession. Such countries as Cuba, Viet Nam and China, on the other hand, which have a fundamentally socialist-based economy, have given […]

Who said that?

5th August 2020 by Declan McKenna

“We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”—Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, responding to a critic who pointed out (correctly) that the US regime organised a coup in Bolivia to secure lithium for the Musks of this world. “The US military has its knee on the throat […]

Writing at a time of plague

5th August 2020 by Jenny Farrell

The Black Death was the most devastating pandemic ever recorded, resulting in the death of between 75 and 125 million people. It reached its peak in Europe between 1347 and 1351, having come on Italian merchant ships from Asia via the Silk Road. In fact the idea of quarantine originates […]

Socialism and feminism From Ireland to Cuba and beyond

5th August 2020 by Grúpa na mBan Réablóideacha

Grúpa na mBan Réablóideacha—the Women’s Committee of the Communist Party of Ireland and the Connolly Youth Movement—recently hosted an event to highlight the significant role of women during and following the Cuban Revolution, which continues to be an inspiration to so many of us. As we continue our fight against […]


1. Colm B - August 7, 2020

Eugene McCartan’s article characterises China as a “socialist-based economy”. I beg to differ: it’s an authoritarian state-capitalist system based on the exploitation of workers, the suppression of basic democratic rights and the oppression of national minorities verging, in the case of the Uyghur people, on cultural/social genocide.

In a constructively critical spirit, I provide the following left-orientated resources that contribute to an understanding of contemporary China

China/HK-based workers rights monitor:

HK-based left website:

China-based pro-worker blog:

UK-based Uyghur solidarity campaign:

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2. Alibaba - August 7, 2020

‘”Government of the Willing” – How long can it last?’ Eugene McCartan tells us ‘Whether these are merely teething problems or something deeper only time will tell; but what is clear is that the political representatives of the ruling class have been weakened by the results of the general election.’

I don’t think so. Government will most likely last as long as political necessity requires it given the powerful and conservative majority this coalition has.


WorldbyStorm - August 7, 2020

I fear you are correct.


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