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The Irish Left Archive Podcast August 10, 2020

Posted by Aonrud ⚘ in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

Irish Left Archive Podcast

We’ve started a podcast as part of the Irish Left Archive project.

We’ll be talking to activists, writers, historians, politicians and others involved in the Left about the experience of being involved in building and participating in left groups and campaigns, producing political periodicals and documents, and the history and development of progressive politics in Ireland.

The first two episodes are live now. You can listen to them on the leftarchive.ie website, or find them on Spotify. (It should be on Apple/Itunes soon too – if it doesn’t come up in your podcast app yet, you can always add the podcast feed link directly).

In episode one we discuss the left archive project and how it has developed since it started in 2007.

In episode two, we talk to Laurence Cox about left activism and the publications in the archive that he has been involved in – An Caorthann, Ireland from Below, and Interface.

There will be more in the coming weeks with a range of guests, so please give them a listen, subscribe if you use a podcast app, and feel free to give us feedback!

Orla Egan: Cork LGBT Archive Irish Left Archive Podcast

We talk to Orla Egan of the Cork LGBT Archive about how she developed the archive as a volunteer to the multi-format project it now encompasses; the histories and stories of the Cork LGBT community represented in the archive material; the challenges of a community archive project; and the value of community archives as activism.
  1. Orla Egan: Cork LGBT Archive
  2. Mary Muldowney: Trade Union and Left Campaigns, the Socialist Party, and Oral History
  3. Rhona McCord: Trade Unionism, the Right2Water Campaign, and Community Organising


1. alanmyler - August 11, 2020

Very interesting. You’re on a roll with the Left podcasts now between these and IEL’s ones too. Keep it up please.

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WorldbyStorm - August 11, 2020

Ah that’s great Alan! IEL’s is class.

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2. Alibaba - August 22, 2020

About the Irish Left Archive … the way in which information is provided and the context is extremely impressive. The index as well as the timeline and search facility is spot on. The podcasts certainly enhance the Archive too. And, yes, all this should be more widely known and used. Perhaps the idea of linking the Archive to a university (or even a record office) that employs professional archivists might be a good way forward.

The history of the Radical Irish Left needs more research and the Archive provides a treasure trove, as do the range of items provided by IEL. As with everything, however, it is maintaining and updating a site once it is created that can cause problems. Change-over arrangements with others doing this might be feasible. It’s not easy to do, I know, but surely worth exploring.

How about adding another dimension to the Archive? For example, the first political experience by contributors—past and present—many of whom could be contacted directly as some of you seem to know one another’s contact details.

I am strongly of the view that people’s abilities can be underused. This happens when they are not asked to do or provide something that matters to them. So anything we can do to focus on that and get the views of what would best attract attention (including historians and archivists) could seriously upgrade the Archive.

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WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2020

Thanks Alibaba. All those are excellent ideas, and in particular that of first and formative political experiences. Agree completely there’s huge resources out there in terms of experience, energy, and so on. And the good thing would be to see that not just for the ARchive but well beyond it. Been meaning to send you an email about some aspects of the above, are you still at the same one?


Alibaba - August 22, 2020

Yes, still the same one.


WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2020

Thanks Alibaba


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