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Safety first August 13, 2020

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Thought this was good, a piece on how safe or otherwise offices are. But note this:

How safe are offices? It depends on how they are laid out, cleaned and ventilated. The open plan office had a bad health reputation long before Covid-19. People working in them took as much as 62 per cent more sick leave than those in more private spaces, studies showed.

In some ways, like schools, part of the problem is where the status quo ante has left us. Wrong headed, almost punitive, approaches have left matters in an absolutely desperate place.

Part of the problem, and the article notes this, is that there’s so little we know, even now, almost half a year later. For example:

A recent article in the Lancet argued the “chances of transmission through inanimate surfaces is very small” before adding that “erring on the side of caution” was wise.

Big time.

I take the stairs every day when not remote working:

So far the stairs look safer. There is less chance of getting sneezed on and there is no need to touch buttons. But, happily for people in 30-storey buildings, there is some evidence the virus does not spread easily in an elevator.

Masks are very useful, but temperature tests are not. And the office canteen? Best to give it a miss it seems.

Brave new world of work.


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