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Returning to economic normality… in…er…2022 August 14, 2020

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What a telling statement from John FitzGerald in the IT recently.

It is when the economy returns to more normal behaviour, hopefully by 2022, and households begin to spend their savings, that the economy will experience a delayed stimulus and the Government will see a delayed temporary revenue boost.

I think that’s realistic, but two years of this limbo-like situation? Again, it would be no harm for someone in government to be saying it like it is.

Just one other thought, as noted by Pangurbán, FitzGerald isn’t wrong in arguing that ‘expanding the cycle-to-work scheme to cover bikes costing €1,250’ is a bit of an absurdity. I had a bicycle stolen last year and found the sums being thrown around re a new one on the current standard a little absurd, potentially adding on entirely unnecessary €100’s to the price. As he says, you can get a good bicycle for city travel for a fraction of that cost. €600 or thereabouts is entirely feasible. And I think he’s right about another aspect, the money saved there would be much better spent on establishing ‘bike parks at commuter stations’.


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