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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… the Soundcarriers August 22, 2020

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Speaking of motorik, as we were not that long ago (indeed when are we not?), I imagine most people never realised there was a need for a Neu/bossa nova crossover, but the Soundcarriers prove there most certainly is and then fulfill that perfectly.

Adam Cann and Paul Isherwood on various instruments with Dorian Conway on guitar and Leonore Wheatley on keyboards and vocals providing a range of sounds focused on the 60s but not in thrall to that period. I’ve heard comparisons with Stereolab made but to be honest I’m not entirely convinced. Yes, there are predominantly female vocals and lush instrumentation, but much as I love Stereolab there’s a warmth and robustness to Soundcarriers that I think is all their own.

Only three albums released between 2009 and 2014, the last – Entropicalia – on GhostBox. It’s an album I really like managing to encompass lounge, folk, psychedelia. It’s the small things. On The Outsider the subtle none-more-late 1960s psychedelic guitar work towards the end. The title track has an admirable speed to it as does Boiling Point. And not only but also there’s a track with actor Elijah Woods entitled ‘This is Normal’ when really we know it is anything but, which is actually pretty great.

They still appear to be on the go, albeit intermittently, which is also pretty great.

Boiling Point (official video)

The Outsider


This is Normal (w/Elijah Woods)


Soundcarriers (live 2010)


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