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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening To… Justin Townes Earle, an addendum in remembrance August 29, 2020

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When Son of Stan posted that Justin Townes Earle had passed it kicked me in the gut. More so than say Kenny Rogers or maybe even John Prine, because it was so unexpected. I was never a huge fan of Steve Earle (JTE’s father) although Elijah’s Church gets a very honorable mention. But I really enjoyed JTE’s music and I’ve been listening all week since I heard the news. A talented musician gone well before his time.



1. sonofstan - August 29, 2020

” I was never a huge fan of Steve Earle”

Me neither, and I felt that JTE was often too readily pigeonholed as his father’s son.
He’s one of the few musicians that I came to know initially through youtube rather than records, though I got some of his records subsequently, and it’s still some of those clips, rather than the recorded versions I go back to.
Just like to add this one….

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yourcousin - August 29, 2020

Very much agree with everything you say.


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