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Policing….. September 12, 2020

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The scenes of violence from far right thugs in Dublin today had me thinking back to the Debenhams workers being moved on by the Gardai whilst up the road the far right were (without Social distancing) protesting outside the Courts.

The Gardai stood idly by when every week the far right were breaking the Lockdown protesting in support of the spurious case against the lockdown. For much of that period we were to observe the 2km limit. Similarly when Far Right goons protested at Keelings, they were well outside their area. Not a Garda in sight.

Yet you think of when the Gardai have become involved with public protest. Reclaim The Streets, Shell to Sea and many more…..

You’d wonder if the authorities had dealt with the far right during the Lockdown, would we have seen the crowd of thugs we saw today.


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