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In Their Own Words: Personal Accounts of the War of Independence: New online night class September 16, 2020

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1. roddy - September 16, 2020

Breen’s book was a cracking read compared to others like Tom Barry’s and Ernie O’Malleys which were in many ways too technical and dare I say it boring!

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Fergal - September 16, 2020

Speaking of literature and the Tan war..and the Civil War… are all the good writers anti-Treaty republicans/leftists?And men?
Ernie O’Malley, Frank O’Connor, Liam O’Flaherty?


roddy - September 16, 2020

They have all the best songs too! Surprising how often I have seen “the Galtee mountain boy” with its “arrested by Free staters” on mainstream TV in recent years!. Even anti Republicans admit that in terms of film,song etc Republicans come out a thousand times better than the Brits and Unionists in the 6 county context.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - September 16, 2020

As Far as Women memoirists are concerned, I would refer you to Kathleen Keyes O’Donnell’s ‘There is a Bridge at Bandon’ (Cork 1972), now regrettably out of print.


CL - September 16, 2020



Daniel Rayner O'Connor - September 17, 2020

Mea Culpa


Alibaba - September 17, 2020

Thanks all for sharing. ‘There is a Bridge at Bandon’ by Kathleen Keyes McDonnell is currently in Rathmines public library. It can be ordered on loan from any public library in this state. ISBN: 085 34 224001014


Joe - September 18, 2020

Good for you Alibaba. Use the public library and stay away from Amazon, comrades.

Also, not a participant I don’t think, but Dorothy McArdle wrote the first? history of the Civil War.


2. terrymdunne - September 17, 2020

‘The War in Clare’ by Micheal Brennan was written by someone who took the Free State side (though published very late – 1980) also this http://www.geographypublications.com/product/memoirs-of-a-tipperary-family-the-gaynors-of-tyone/ includes memoirs of kinsfolk who took opposite sides.

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terrymdunne - September 17, 2020

and Darrell Figgis, listed as part of the course above, was also pro-Treaty.


terrymdunne - September 22, 2020

Kevin O’Shiel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_O%27Shiel – was presumably pro-Treaty since he was part of the Free State administration and while never wrote a published book memoir on the revolutionary period he wrote a multi-part series in the Irish Times and an exceptionally lengthy Bureau of Military History Witness Statement. Owing to his role as a Dail judge and later in the Land Commission his accounts offer some insight into social conditions in the West of Ireland e.g. people still living in byre-dwellings (that is a combined cottage and cattle shed) in Mayo in the 1920s.


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