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Irish Left Archive Podcast: Discussion thread… 1 – A tradition of working class self-education September 17, 2020

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Every week we’ll revisit one of the Irish Left Archive podcasts and find a quote that is particularly striking. Starting this week with Laurence Cox on Podcast 2 (available here).

And we’re lucky in Ireland it’s an extreme case – about 60% of 18-21 year olds go to third level but also we have a huge tradition of working class self-education so when I was going to college the people who had books in their houses were not the property owning middle classes they included working class people and not only those from a political tradition. The idea that reading and thinking is somehow a privilege is daft.

I saw that myself, I’m certain all of us did. That has to have had an impact politically, but how does that phenomenon of working class self-education it hold up in the contemporary period?


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