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September issue of Socialist Voice September 18, 2020

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The September issue of Socialist Voice is now available online: https://socialistvoice.ie/


Capitalism is the virus

1st September 2020 by Jimmy Doran

The global coronavirus pandemic has exposed the crass nature of the capitalist system. In the early days, the so-called developed world hijacked, stole and diverted entire shipments of personal protective equipment; America purchased the entire global stock of the important covid-19 drug Remdesivir; more than a thousand people on the […]

The end of the neoliberal social contract

1st September 2020 by Dónal Ó Coisdealbha

A strange thing happened in OECD countries between the 1970s and 2008: economic growth rates that looked poor on paper compared with the 1950s and 60s seemed to be boosted dramatically by a massive subsidy, somehow hidden from all national accounts statistics. That subsidy, it turns out, was cheap labour […]

Covid, care homes, and direct provision

1st September 2020 by Raymond Ó Dubhghaill

Covid-19 continues to wreak its ill-effects around the globe. Here in Ireland, as in many capitalist countries, the most vulnerable in society have been hardest hit by the virus. In addition to the scandal of the meat-processing plants in the midlands, which saw the pro-business, anti-worker 26-county government “lock down” […]

Power to the working people

1st September 2020 by Tommy McKearney

Robert Owen, the nineteenth-century philanthropist, was by any standard a decent sort of bloke. He believed workers should be treated compassionately and that they deserved a reasonable standard of living. In fact he went a step further and attempted to build ideal societies in different countries, including one at Ralahine […]

Capitalist agriculture and the culling of small farms

1st September 2020 by Ewan MacDonald and Graeme Power

Capital accumulation is one outcome of the irrational motor that drives our economic system. This is no less true for the agricultural sector than it is for industry. As capitalist production advances over time we witness a greater and greater accumulation of capital in fewer and fewer hands. Let’s consider […]

Housing for students

1st September 2020 by Belfast branch of the Connolly Youth Movement

In 2019 there were 37,859 applicants on the social housing list in the north of Ireland. 26,387 of those were deemed to be in priority need of housing, described as housing stress; 74 per cent of those were considered officially homeless. These grim statistics are compounded by the fact that […]

Venezuela’s struggle against covid-19

1st September 2020 by Paul Dobson

How can it be that Venezuela, a country that is so terribly battered by an imperialist blockade, nearly a decade of underinvestment, frequent examples of bad decision-making, wide-reaching corruption and technical brain drain, in addition to recent neo-liberal and anti-worker economic policies, including privatisation and asset-stripping, is managing to keep […]

The IRA and the Nazis

1st September 2020 by Brian Hanley

In July 1940, after the fall of France and with a German invasion of Britain seeming imminent, the IRA leadership explained their attitude to the war in a public statement. In it they made it clear that if German forces arrived in Ireland they would come “as friends and liberators […]

Schools should reopen when it’s safe to do so

1st September 2020 by Jimmy Doran

Covid-19 did not cause overcrowding in schools, but it has exposed it. Schools are reopening with up to thirty people in a confined space for extended periods. There are almost a million children, teenagers and teachers in four thousand schools. In the two weeks before reopening, more than a hundred […]

A voice raised against war

1st September 2020 by Jenny Farrell

■ Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front (1928) The First World War was described as “the war that will end war,” so great was the horror of this new, diabolical stage of industrial annihilation. We know today that, without seriously addressing the causes of war, or the […]

Respect Belarusian sovereignty!

1st September 2020 by Dorian Ó Seanáin

It’s a familiar story: Western imperialist forces are orchestrating another coup in a sovereign state while the bourgeois media in Ireland bombard us with sympathetic coverage of anti-government protesters and the “democratic opposition,” whose ranks are brimming with the most vicious reactionaries. Behind the scenes, the United States and the […]

Discussion – Defend the NHS

1st September 2020 by Lynda Walker

Articles 1 and 2, “Health of a Nation” (June and August) violate democratic centralism. Both are public attacks on CPI policy. I wrote a 2,500-word article criticising the inadequacy of article 1; article 2 is no better. Between congresses and coming up to congress it is protocol that we discuss […]

o: Communist Party of Ireland <cpofireland@gmail.com>


1. Colm B - September 19, 2020

At this stage it’s hardly worth commenting on the anti-worker rubbish published regularly in SV, but in the interests of providing accurate info, here’s a pro-worker article on Belarus:


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2. Jim Monaghan - September 19, 2020

Interesting article by Hanley of the time the IRA played footsie with the Nazis. I wonder if SV will publish something on the Nazi Soviet pact which coincided in part with this stupidity.


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