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An account of the Corbyn LP… September 22, 2020

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Always liked Owen Jones, and this interview with him in the Guardian (natch!) whets the appetite for a book he has which is being published on Labour. A very specific part of Labour’s history too:

This Land: The Story of a Movement, is an insider’s account of the rise and fall of the Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

What comes across is how sympathetic he is to Corbyn, while also being aware of approaches that were flawed. But more broadly how strongly he still supports the strongly leftward tilt of the LP in the past number of years. Maintaining that is going to be difficult in the face of what he depicts as near unhinged attitudes on the part of some within the party.

A lot of those people in the parliamentary Labour party – I’m just going to say it – are jumped-up thugs. Vicious, horrible people. They would sanctimoniously stand up and talk about the authoritarianism of Corbynism as they screeched like disturbed teenagers, spraying spittle at anyone with the temerity to support the elected leadership of the party of which they were members. I really don’t know what they are driven by.

It would be easy to say it was ideological, and of course in part it is ideological. But there was always a pathological edge to much of the criticism of Corbyn’s leadership (and policies) that seemed utterly disproportionate to the reality.


1. Phil - September 22, 2020

Answering Owen’s question, I think what they want is clear enough – they want their party back. Changing the world, making life better for Labour’s constituency, even electing Labour candidates – those things are all well and good, but first and foremost they want their f*****g party back. As for the fury, I think it’s a defensive reaction. They feel the party at large slipping away from them and they think well, at least we’ve still got this CLP/branch/position/etc; the rage (and panic) comes when they find they’ve got a fight on their hands there as well. (There’s a distinct element of and if we can’t have it, nobody will, too.)

They’re not very nice people; people who care more about occupying positions of power and responsibility (however lowly) than about campaigning effectively generally aren’t. Unfortunately they’re hard to dislodge from those positions, for the same reason.

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2. EWI - September 22, 2020

The rise of Corbynism was an existential career threat to the sort of nakedly ambitious (and entirely unprincipled) middle-class ladder-climber exemplified by one Tony Blair. It’s no wonder that they reacted so strongly and worked so hard to undermine their own party’s electoral prospects.

Not to worry, normal service has resumed. How’s ‘Sir Keir’ doing?


3. sonofstan - September 22, 2020

Starmer all patriotism and family this morning.


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2020

Did you see the union flag ‘branding’. Hmmm… I’d love to think that Starmer is putting all this stuff out there in order to move on from it, but I’m always leery of those who think ‘image’ is sufficient. It’s a big part but all too often it becomes the only part of political projects.

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WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2020

Michael Chessum got it spot on….

“So @Keir_Starmer is on about loving “family values”. You can do that *if* you slam social conservatism

Or “loving this country”. OK but only if you also talk about how migrants are welcome in it

If you just use the slogan, you end up on the wrong side”


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benmadigan - September 22, 2020

Union flag branding has a very bad history in Northern Ireland. Scotland doesn’t like it. They’ve even got a slogan “if it’s got a Jack, put it back” – that represents an unofficial boycott of British branded products as opposed to “made in Scotland”

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sonofstan - September 22, 2020

Ain’t no black in the union jack either – doesn’t play all that well with non-white English people.


4. sonofstan - September 22, 2020

The union flag = bye, bye Scotland.

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5. oliverbohs - September 22, 2020

You can’t rehabilitate the jamrag. It’s an admission that espousing policies that encourage love and understanding on those terms alone without totems of empire in accompaniment is futile. Starmer has given up on his countrymen and women, essentially.
A significant loss to the UK is their soft power regarding popular culture. It does seem in general to be the opposite of vibrant. That’s been crumbling away since the start of the century. All the idealists in TV have been rooted out and replaced by mediocrities who are not willing to hold power to account in the same way. Pop music and how it is consumed means today and the last four decades of the 20th century can’t be compared. Footballers seem to have stepped into the void left.
I think what SF do is obv a reaction to that, and there are those who believe two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t vote for them and wd back parties to the left of them who wd have or ought to have a clearer vision of left politics. But comparisons w/ the UK are pointless.


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2020

Yeah, and there’s a distinct class angle to this as well, in UK media/popular culture where in the late 70s and 80s and through really to the 90s there were people coming through from regional and / or working class backgrounds. And then in the 00s and 10s we see that reversed. Same in popular music etc. Very interesting what you say re footlballers.


sonofstan - September 22, 2020

“Same in popular music etc. ”

Maybe. The ‘pop stars are all posh’ narrative has become an accepted ‘fact’, but Stormzy? Dave? Skepta?


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