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New Poll September 22, 2020

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Paul Culloty drew attention to the latest poll here:

He has reservations that I would share as well:

FF may well be higher than last week’s 10%, but almost double that seems a stretch, likewise that Labour and SDs would only poll 4% between them, or indeed that Sol-PBP are that low.

What do others think?


1. Alibaba - September 22, 2020

The drop in support for Fianna Fáil is due to its handling of Covid cases. When the pandemic struck, a minority Fine Gael government dealt with it in a positive way: lockdown, clear messages, no messing. FF dealings with the resurgence are all over the place and more to the point, Sinn Féin is playing a stormer while other opposition parties barely get a look in. Those co-responsible for government shortcomings seem coated by teflon. FG is on the up and even the junior partner Greens is not significantly losing support. Perhaps. But teflon can easily get scraped away.

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roddy - September 22, 2020

Labour is certainly getting a look in as far as RTE is concerned In previous elections SF had 4 times the number of seats and vote % than Labour has now and got nothing like the coverage. SF is now 6 times the support level of Labour and coverage is nearly equal.


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2020

yeah, it is very noticeable. What’s puzzling is how the SDs aren’t kicking up more about this.


Alibaba - September 22, 2020

roddy thinks that Sinn Féin and Labour coverage is nearly equal. But no, that’s not so. It’s true that Alan Kelly’s Labour is strongly making its pitch. Yet as the self-declared main opposition and the second largest party having won the largest share of first-preference votes in the last election SF demands and rightly gets much more coverage than it did previously.

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Fergal - September 22, 2020

Sonofstan and a few others have mentioned this… especially for Covid19…Kelly must have had a bed in RTE at one stage… Is he still AK47?!

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Tomboktu - September 22, 2020

Labour is certainly getting a look in as far as RTE is concerned
Phoenix had a piece about this which said SF researched this and found that SF and Lab get the amount of air time that their seats would justify. (I can’t remember if it was all broadcast or just RTÉ.) However, SF sends out a range of spokespersons whereas Lab has predominantly sent Alan Kelly, and the single voice gives the impression his party is getting more air time than it is due.


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