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Contrived? September 24, 2020

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IEL had a very interesting point here in comments about the FF leadership, where he noted that the only place that FF could train its guns was SF and some of the smaller parties, whereas they were locked into government with the old enemy and unable to lay a hand on them. So small wonder that reports such as this emerge:

The Taoiseach Micheal Martin has renewed his criticism of Sinn Féin at the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party tonight.

He told TDs, Senators and MEPs that Sinn Féin was “consistently” negative and “cynically” exploiting matters in the Dáil.

Earlier Mr Martin accused the Sinn Féin leader of taking every opportunity to tell “untruths”.

All this seems a bit overdone. Isn’t it SF’s function as opposition party and largest one at that, and in political terms, to criticise the government? And the ‘untruths’? Well, difficult to quite understand what Martin’s complaint was. McDonald’s criticism were certainly swinging, but hardly more so than any any of us have heard down the years from various quarters including FF.

But as IEL notes this approach by FF doesn’t necessarily land quite so well with the public at large. And while it’s clearly contrived, there’s a certain edge to Martin’s criticisms that suggest this is something he’s more than happy and willing to do. But simultaneously it comes across as his denigrating SF’s right to criticise, full stop. I don’t know if that’s a happy place for FF to be in. Not difficult to see people getting mighty tired of that sooner rather than later. And there’s the small inconvenience that SF gained more votes than FF at the election too and essentially the same number of seats. Indeed not difficult to see people beginning to see the superheated criticism as born of anxiety, perhaps even fear, and the current polling for FF is dire, rather than coming from a place of strength. And perhaps that is fear, and the recognition that it is necessary to keep FF’s more ambitious (or those simply worried at the prospect of political catastrophe looming ahead) backbenchers at bay.

So this may be a tactic that cannot be elevated to a strategy without the likelihood of political blow-back sooner or later.

As for FG, they must be delighted with themselves. Who wouldn’t be in their situation?


1. Alibaba - September 24, 2020

+ 1 IEL 

Mary Lou went fishing and the Taoiseach went biting. The argument went like this: McDonald taunted Martin when she accused him of “delusional reverie” and he accused her of using every opportunity “to tell untruths” and “smear” for “political advantage”. She kept her calm notably merely saying she didn’t appreciate being accused of “laying untruths before the House”, and then gave way to Louise O’Reilly targeting Martin loudly. 

Martin’s exasperation came across as whinging, sanctimonious and hypocritical. Such self inflicted injury won’t do him or FF well. Meanwhile McDonald and SF, yet again, won hands down. 

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2. irishelectionliterature - September 24, 2020

Internally within FF there were quite a few that wanted to go in with SF rather than FG. They also felt that the rejection of even talking to SF was a massive mistake.
Martin is a gentleman but this kind of carry on in The Dail actually doesn’t suit him…. the more he does it, I’d imagine the more he also alienates further a certain section of FF.

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roddy - September 24, 2020

The absolute look of sneering comment on Martin’s face when responding to Mary Lou does’nt suggest a gentleman.


WorldbyStorm - September 24, 2020

I think he’s been primed by you know who in all this. And it’s a massive error of judgement.

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crocodileshoes - September 24, 2020

Makes you nostalgic for the practice of addressing adversaries through the chair in the chamber – remember Bertie’s incessant ‘a Cheann Comhairle’s? – rather than roaring and sneering across the floor at each other like Martin and O’Reilly. When did that convention finally Bute the dust?

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crocodileshoes - September 24, 2020


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WorldbyStorm - September 24, 2020

I don’t know. It wasn’t that long ago. Strange, never noticed it had gone.


roddy - September 24, 2020

False equivalence between Martin and O’Reilly.Echos of the”one sides as bad as the other” shite thats pedalled up here.

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3. Colm B - September 24, 2020

The said gent appears to be a veritable albatross with a speciality of contributing to the demise of political parties. We can only thank him for his part in the fall of Fianna Failed.

His life’s only consistent principle, a hatred of the Provos, is now in the process of adding extra ballast to the sinking ship. The only surprise is that any experienced politician would listen to him. He’s Grima to Martin’s Theoden, and this time there ain’t no Gandalf coming to the rescue.

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roddy - September 25, 2020

Remember the time he promoted a no hoper for the presidency and when all came crashing down round him,he labelled his unfortunate prodegy “a thick Guard”!


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