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Management… September 25, 2020

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Always entertaining when one is faced by those who appear to believe Donald Trump is a great manager – cast a sceptical eye over his track record with staff and public appointees of one sort or another and contemplate whether in a commercial enterprise the sheer churn would lead to anything other than chaos.

Indeed the idea that Trump is some sort of mastermind disintegrates under little or no scrutiny. In a way he seems to me to epitomise a spirit of the age, that being people who have little or no experience of an area thinking that certain attitudes expressed openly indicate masterful knowledge. In other words he is the person who has no understanding of managements idea of the great manager. And similarly he is the person who has no real understanding of politics idea of the great politician.

And what’s remarkable is how robust this belief in his abilities is even when presented with evidence to the contrary. A President who has gone through Secretaries of State, of Chief of Staffs, at the rate he has should by any rational standard be asked questions of. He – after all – is the person who ultimately is responsible for selecting them. If he is unable to hold on to them then the failing is primarily his, not theirs.

And it’s not as if these are low impact decisions he has made. Institutional and reputational capital are hard won and easily lost. Lose weeks, or months, with no appointees made or constant change in the heads of an organisation and chaos ensues.


1. lcox - September 26, 2020

There’s also the left version of this – a belief that Trump, Johnson, the EU or whatever is some kind of evil genius whose every move is calculated to have some complex effect, usually in some recondite realm that the person projecting this imagines as being the Real Truth Behind the Surface of Politics – international relations,discourse, scandals or whatever.

Of course the sad truth is much worse – it is that power relations are such that they can survive even being led by buffoons like this with their half-cocked flailing around. Which is much more worrying for our side…

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WorldbyStorm - September 26, 2020

Yeah, that’s very true indeed re the left version. It’s what you say, power relations do survive and indeed sustain themselves despite the buffoons. It’s like the realisation at some point that hits almost all of us that there isn’t a room with smarter people in it who know the way forward and run things but that the Cabinet or Central Committee has as many eegits as anywhere else and perhaps the true wonder is anything useful gets achieved.

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