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Debate September 30, 2020

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Anyone watch the US Presidential debate last night? I couldn’t bring myself to, in fact I don’t think in all honesty I’ve ever waited up for one. Which suggests I’ve never sat through one. It’s not just the time difference, the chaos that actually ensued was predictable enough. I’d no appetite to have to sit through that. Anyone with a stronger stomach, and any sense of where things are going?


1. NFB - September 30, 2020

I genuinely do think that debates are of little use in America, in the format that they take place. Bar a spectacular breakdown from a candidate, they seem tailormade to appeal to bases and little else besides. After the first Obama/Romney one in 2012 people were acting like Obama had been drunk on stage, but the polls never really fluctuated all that much, and were back to the norm fairly quickly. As for this one, it’s just another exercise in “Trump says something outrageous that appeals to the hardcore – media focuses exclusively on that for clicks, feeding the monster they created – larger examination of the debate stops”. Which of course is what Trump, and the people controlling him, want.

I think Biden’s general plan of “Appear reasonable, neutral, friendly” is a good one for the moderate/centrist voters who were inexplicably terrified of Clinton and went with Trump last time and might well be more than scared off by now. A little bit, very little, of fire in the debates to appeal to his own crowd isn’t bad either. So in that sense I guess he had the better night. But really doesn’t make much difference in my opinion.

I long for a debate format setting, here, there, everywhere, that is moderated with the utmost severity and where politicians face questions they are unable to give a dodge to, even if it as basic as “Yes/No”. But I have a feeling a lot of politicians, here, there and everywhere, would refuse to show up to such an event.

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WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2020

+1 moderation is key. It was abysmal last night. And it allowed statements to be made that were uncontested at all. Frankly a shambles.

An example he was asked to tell people to stand down, he said stand by and stand back – a completely different meaning. Why?


2. NFB - September 30, 2020

“Stand by” is certainly a phrase designed to not be a condemnation in any way, sense or form. If anything it’s a rallying cry.

If Biden wins – I suppose I think he will, but I thought Clinton would too – you’d imagine there will be some degree of violence, which seems like such a strange thought even after the mess of the last four years. The question is how much Trump will, overtly or not, encourage that violence.

I notice that the Supreme Court issue vanished from headlines today. That too seems like an outcome Trump and his masters wanted.


sonofstan - September 30, 2020

If Biden wins, I can see the Trumps pushing an Ivanka candidacy in 2024 from the get -go as a kind of US Marine Le Pen. They will continue to contest the result, forment all kinds of reaction, and then pretend they can ride in as national saviours.


WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2020

That’s true re the SC.
Isn’t it incredible even now how bad Trump is. On every level just not fit for purpose. Can’t debate, can’t communicate, cant even condemn far right and fascists. Can’t govern, has t an ounce of empathy, I’m no great fan of Biden but to talk over the latter while he was talking about his dead son about his other son just is crazed stuff and although I’m cautious about outcomes not sure it plays the way Trump wants.

I’ve had friends who were US Republicans. I’m genuinely mystified as to how they put up with this stuff.


NFB - September 30, 2020

The Supreme Court thing, with its naked undeniable hypocrisy, had me thinking for the first time that the Republican Party is irredeemable in its current form. Only four of the 53 Senators needed to stand up and say “This is not right”. Two did.


WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2020

Yeah, and yet it’s only one of a huge pile of similar issues over the last four years, and of course before. One thing after another.


3. gregtimo - September 30, 2020

The old Canadian left/progressive journalist Paul Jay (ex of Real News) is a close observer interviewing ‘dissident’ liberal-ish Republicans like Larry Wilkerson a lot, but also sharing Chomsky’s very sombre thoughts among others. Talk of civil war even in such circles, they are determined to get the ‘Progressive’ vote out for Biden, with the stress on getting ‘down ballot’ Progressives elected. ‘Heavy shit’ with some breaks provided by sharing Aussie satirists ‘Juice Media’


More in that vein . I havent watched it much recently as can be too much to take in https://www.democracynow.org/
Along with pretty much every ‘Progressive’ outlet over there it seems

If you want a counterpoint (I agree with Jay and co) there is another more sceptical (or contrarian to complacent?) school on the left as represented by ‘The Intercept”s Greenwald who (for a while) reckoned that the corporate Democrats quagmire Biden represents is so bad that why engage (but seems to have rolled back on that after some heated exchanges) . Greenwald I’ve never been able to quite figure esp as he lives in Brasil and has been in conflict with Bolsonaro himself . He’s gay but questions excessively woke culture , recently defending the even harder to figure liberal-ish Rogan


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