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Getting the dynamic only half right… October 1, 2020

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What a telling comment from Pat Leahy during the week about the SF response to the various ‘gaffes’ the Government has made.

The political establishment versus the ordinary people. The golden circle. Insiders versus outsiders. One rule for them, another for everyone else.

These are the classic tropes of populism and Sinn Féin is using them to piercing effect. The party is disciplined, relentless and strategic; practically every interview, speech, press release supports the message.

But… but… but… Leahy has to admit that “Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil seem determined to give their opponents plenty of examples from which to choose”. Could it be that a conclusion could be drawn that in actual fact there is an establishment, of sorts, that does indeed protect itself from others and believe there’s one rule for them and one rule for everyone else. Surely not?

And speaking of which what is the feeling about the Leaving Cert debacle and the impact on the government this morning now that some time has passed since it was revealed?


1. Alibaba - October 1, 2020

‘Minister for Education Norma Foley has said there “may well be” a number of Leaving Cert 2020 students who have to defer as a result of calculated grade errors.’


Foley has shown three characteristics which caused the current debacle: optimism, inexperience and stupidity. This should not tip the balance in the call for her resignation. Nonetheless steps must be taken to accommodate students who have to defer college entry.
As suggested by NFB a no confidence motion in the government is a must. FG and FF share co-responsibility for the calculated grades system which was initiated previously and were adamant that it was fit for purpose.


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