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Leadership woes October 1, 2020

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Good piece in the current issue of the Phoenix on how little support Micheál Martin has within his own party. At Minsterial level it’s a nightmare with just three loyal to him:

…Stephen Donnelly, Norma Foley and Charlie McConalogue.

And it only gets worse as one works through Junior Ministers and backbenchers:

Definite Martin supporters are junior ministers James Browne, Mary Butler, Thomas Byrne and Jack Chambers. That makes four juniors and four senior ministers, including Martin, that can be counted as reliable supporters of the leader. Three backbench TDs – Cathal Crowe, Aindrias Moynihan and Christopher O’Sullivan – make up a total of 11 hardcore Martin supporters against 17 opposed.

But no challenge is likely until the new year and/or stability is restored on the pandemic front and/or Brexit front. How would that function in the context of the government if Martin was – as the Phoenix suggests – placed in a position where he had so little support he was forced to resign? Would it bring the government down? And here’s another thought. Assume it didn’t. Would, if the coalition made it to the end of its lifespan, we have had three Taoiseach’s in the space of four years? Surely not.


1. NFB - October 1, 2020

If Martin was forced to resign before his turn is up, presumably FF would try to insist the new person would slot into the Taoiseach role, but I could certainly see FG throwing their hands up and saying “That isn’t what was agreed, why don’t you just let Leo step in now or perhaps the people can decide?”

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WorldbyStorm - October 1, 2020

I’d imagine it would have to be something like that. The idea of a transfer of power in FF would have to have implications. And there’s a ludicrous aspect as well, say with MM Taoiseach due to internal party dynamics for, what, perhaps 8 or 9 months. It feels like one of those things that people shoot the breeze about but when it came to the crunch would look so wretched if it went through that they’d retreat from attempting it. Though then again, FF is desperate. Also I’d think the scope for a non-Ministerial contender would be low at this point in the sense of them getting the gig.


sonofstan - October 1, 2020

Remember the chaos when FF went into the 2011 election with MM as leader and Cowen as taoiseach? Could they manage to lower that bar even further?


WorldbyStorm - October 1, 2020

They seem up for the challenge!

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Joe - October 1, 2020

It would be possibly the stupidest thing FF ever did. So, yes, it’s a runner.

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2. sonofstan - October 1, 2020

Does anyone know what FF are for anymore?


gypsybhoy69 - October 3, 2020

Ministerial positions and special advisers?


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