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Pandemic polling… October 14, 2020

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From RTÉ this evening. No great surprise to learn that:

A majority of people believe that the Government should introduce further restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19 according to the latest Public Opinion Tracking Research conducted on behalf of the Department of Health by Amárach Research.

According to the tracker poll, which was conducted on Monday this week, 61% of adults think the Government should do more. This is the highest percentage of people in favour of further Covid-19 restrictions since the pandemic began at the end of February.


Over half (51%) of those surveyed said they thought the Government is not doing enough to contain the virus.This is the highest level of dissatisfaction with the Government’s response since the start of the pandemic in Ireland Just 42% of people think the current reaction of the Government is appropriate, the lowest level to date.

No doubt the usual crew in the media will be along in the next day or two to scorn people’s concerns. But logic alone suggests that something has to be tried to reverse the current situation where the virus continues to spread and there’s no clear objective in sight.


1. EWI - October 14, 2020

IT: At Least 42% Think Govt Are Doing Great


2. CL - October 14, 2020

“Mr Varadkar said that other countries such as Belgium are no longer using case numbers to make their decisions on restrictions and on policy.
“They are looking at hospitalisations, ICU capacity and on deaths. It is a job for us as politicians to say to the public health people that maybe we should be focusing on that.”

“Belgium’s intensive care units will hit capacity by mid-November if new coronavirus cases continue to soar at the same pace, the country’s health authorities warned Wednesday.
The latest COVID-19 figures published Wednesday by the national institute of public health show that Belgium has seen 7,360 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours.”


3. gypsybhoy69 - October 26, 2020

I wish Pat Leahy was shown some of these surveys but then I suspect he’s read them and still willfully writes about what he thinks ‘the people’ think in line with his own narrative.


WorldbyStorm - October 26, 2020

I’d figure that is it entirely. I think there’s a bubble there and they’re happy in it.


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