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Tim Bowness interview October 16, 2020

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Tim Bowness is an interesting character – part of No-Man with Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson. And Jason O’Toole has interviewed him in the Mirror – Bowness has a solo album out just now, completed the day the lockdown started. There’s an anecdote about Gary Moore, but the details of the collaboration between Bowness and Wilson is particularly informative:

Tim’s lifelong friendship with his No-Man’s collaborator began when he received an out-of-the blue letter. “Steven at the time was quite entrepreneurial for a teenager. He put out these vinyl compilation albums which people paid a small amount of money to be on,” he said. “He had read a few reviews of bands I’d been in and – it sounds incredibly quaint now –wrote to me, sending examples of his music. He said, ‘Would you be up for contributing to a track on one of my compilation albums? I’m also very open to collaboration with people’.

Those were the days.

“I spotted his obvious talent and ended up being on two tracks – one with Steven – and designing the album cover! “Initially, the friendship started with us just ringing one another up and sharing mix tapes. And then after about six months of phone conversations I travelled across to Hemel Hempstead to meet him and we wrote two songs within the first hour of knowing one another.

“It was a very easy relationship from the off, creatively. And what I really liked about Steven – and what I hoped he liked about me – was his incredibly open attitude to music. We both had – and have – very eclectic tastes: experimental music, pop music, rock music, jazz, etc, etc.”

Given the fractious nature of so many musical collaborations nice to see one that is genuinely positive.


1. sonofstan - October 16, 2020

“I travelled across to Hemel Hempstead to meet him”
That was brave. There’s a roundabout going into Hemel Hempstead that people have spent their lives trying to get off.

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