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This Weekend I’ll also be Listening to… Music referencing Sherlock Holmes October 17, 2020

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Always enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, both the original and interpretations. And I guess it is testament to the continuing power of Conan Doyle’s invention that even in the 2010s we’ve seen new adaptations arrive and gain remarkable popularity. And then there’s the manner in which he continues to be referenced. Interesting to consider why that might be. Perhaps it is the sense that in watching him (or in some instances her) being clever we can tell ourselves we’re fairly smart too.

But musically Holmes has been a presence too. I’ve already referenced Brokencandys today, but what about Lionrock (which was the subject of a This Weekend years back). Their album An Instinct for Detection was from the cover through to the title and the occasional sample a nod to the great detective.

Then there’s this from Canadian metal outfit Fist/Myofist who surely have one of the great intros to any song…

This from Sparks

Any other suggestions welcome…


1. Phil - October 17, 2020

This uses a sample from a similar source to the Fist track, but (if I may say so) gets on with it a bit quicker:

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WorldbyStorm - October 17, 2020



2. Mick 2 - October 18, 2020

Was scrolling down in anticipation of the Sparks track! Some other great tracks on that album.

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